What is the best 10-inch Tablet?



Tablets were introduced to facilitate those users who love bigger screen and desktop features with good portability and compact size. So, tablets were out in the market just after the invention of smartphones. After that, the market becomes too crowded for tablets. Now a lot of tablet models are introduced with different features.

With a wide variety of available models and variable features, it becomes tough for people to select the best tablet.  There are various sizes available; however, a 10-inch tablet suits best because of its universal size.

Are you having trouble finding the best 10-inch tablet? Here we have one for you; a detailed review of all of its features is given here. Read the complete article to know more about this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab


Display Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Screen Pixels: 2000×1200 pixels are present, resulting in quite decent colors on the screen with a fair resolution. Therefore, Tab A7 has 224 pixels per inch, slightly lesser than the 264 pixels per inch density of iPad. But still sufficient enough to produce an excellent quality display for the user.

Size of the Screen: The size of the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab is 10.4 inches. A 10.4-inch size screen is a universal type of style which is suited for all tablet users.

Brightness: Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab emits a brightness of 329.3 nits. This quantity of brightness is not much high or low.

Screen spectrum: Tab produces a beautiful 101.7% sRGB spectrum, which is measured from the k-10 calorimeter.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab Audio Quality

Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab provides a next-level audio streaming experience that is echo proof. The vocals of the sound are crisp and clear to hear. The quad stereo sound system provides quality sound when watching movies or playing music. This feature enhances the quality of sound is beneficial during gaming, video streaming, and multi-tasking.

However, when you are using an external sound device, like a sound system or any vocal system, you may hear some distortion above 80% of the sound. These distortions may be due to the high-pitched sound of the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab.


The speed and performance of the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab will match your everyday needs and requirements. You can play games, use the internet, YouTube, watch movies and TV, and do many other functions with smoothness and no performance delay.

3GB RAM of the Tab and Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor provides extra and increases the Tablet’s performance. There are four processors of 2.0 GHz and 4 processors of 1.8 GHz, which describe the processing systems’ performance quality.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab has a 7040 mAH Li-pro battery suitable for tablets of this size. The battery is long-lasting, depending upon the use of performance quality. Also, for the charging of the Tab, a fast adaptive charger is given for easy and quick charging.

Battery life is approximately 13 to 14 hours under Wi-Fi and 150 nits of brightness for a continuous spell. Users can enjoy different things on this Tab either during traveling or in-home without a long-time plugging in.


8 MP rare camera and 5MP front camera is present in this Tab. The selfie may look soft at first, but you can adjust the setting for smoothness, and then you may increase the quality of your pictures depending upon your needs.

Software system

As with Samsung’s other tablets and mobiles, this Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab also has an android operating system. That means you can use all of the Google apps from your play store. Android version 10 is supported with one UI 2.0.

Communication systems

Different communications systems are present, like Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi 802.11, along with hotspot support. Bluetooth 5.0, LE, A2DP, and GPS provide an excellent location with connectivity. Moreover, a type-C 2.0 USB is also supported by the Tab.


The Tab supports Micro-SD card with variable size depending upon the requirement. Storage of the Tab can be 32GB or 64 GB depending upon the type of model.


  • Colorful and vibrant display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Great-sounding speakers


  • The quality of the camera is poor
  • RAM and processor are limited

Final words

Choosing the best 10-inch tablet is not difficult; you need to know about a few essential things related to a tablet. Have a comparative look for RAM, ROM, storage space, battery type and size, cameras, kind of Software, and price. Keeping all things in mind, we have found that the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab is the best 10-inch tablet.