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What Is Amino And How To Install This Software Into A Computer

Amino is one of the emerging social networking apps that can be used for especially for looking for someone who has the same interest as yours. With this application, you can find people easily and share your thoughts.

This makes finding friends online more easily. The Amino app also has a unique feature that lets you take quizzes to represent your interest to everyone, a fandom, or creating a group for your friends.

Many people are using this application on their smartphones or tablets. Some are wondering if you can install this application on a computer. To make it simple, the answer is yes, you can, however, downloading and installing the Amino for PC will require your computer to have an emulator installed.

Since this application is exclusive only for smartphones and tablets, this is the only way to run it. Don’t worry about the emulator because it can be installed easily. Just follow our guide in here to install it properly.

Now, let us prepare your computer for the installation of this app. Make sure that you follow the details below so that you can prevent possible bugs or glitches when running the Amino app. To know about it just visit us:

Computer Requirements On An Emulator Program

If you are still unfamiliar with emulators, this tool is simply a program that can use to run and emulate an Android Operating System inside your Windows or Mac. This is a very effective way of running Android apps like Amino into your computer.

The emulator also does not consume too much computer resources. Just make sure that you have a processor that is able to run a minimum of 1 GHz speed. Another hardware that you need to check is the RAM. It must have a 2 or 4 GB minimum installed.

Once you have the following, you don’t have to worry about the hardware anymore. Next is to install the Visual C++ Redistributable and the .Net framework that both can be download from the Microsoft website or simply using your search engine to find it.

Also, you need to enable virtualization. This is to speed up the process of the emulator program. Since it runs in a virtualizing environment, it will greatly benefit when you turn on this option on your BIOS.

How To Install BlueStacks Emulator And Use Amino Software With It

One of the most flawless emulator programs available online is the BlueStacks emulator. This is compatible with the Amino app and will run perfectly from it. To get the installer of the BlueStacks, you can type on Google its name and search for it.

Check their website and then click the download to save it to your PC. Now, browse the installer and run it. Follow the instruction given to you from its window and accept its terms and conditions.

The installation usually lasts about 10 – 20 minutes so be patient. Once you have finished installing it, launch the Bluestacks emulator. Enter your account details to log in to the Google Play Store.

After that, open the Play Store and look for the Amino app. Use the search button at the top to find this app easily. Once you found the installation page of Amino, click the download button and this will also install it to your computer.

The Bluestacks emulator will generate a shortcut of this app into your desktop. Check the Amino app there and execute it. Now, you will be able to use this application from your computer and enjoy finding new friends around the world.


With the emulator software, you can still enjoy these Android or iOS exclusive programs. Running the Amino app is really easy to do. You don’t need to be techy in order to install it.