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Warehouse Logistic Trends To Watch In 2020



Technology is developing at a rapid rate. New technologies are emerging daily, making what is high-end tech today to become obsolete within a short time. One of the areas that must keep up with emerging technology is the warehouse and logistic field.

This area requires top-notch technology to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. If you are operating in this industry, the following are warehouse logistics trends to watch in 2020 & beyond if you want to maintain smooth performance.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is becoming a significant element in almost all industries around the world. Nowadays, for businesses to maintain a competitive advantage, they need to have their operations streamlined and every aspect of the business running throughout. However, this cannot be achieved because human beings are prone to fatigue and make errors if they work for prolonged hours.

Furthermore, the main element contributing to success in the current highly competitive market is working smart. Embracing AI technology can help any warehouse and logistic business achieve smart, efficient, and prolonged working.

The use of artificial intelligence can entail robots and autonomous vehicles, among others. Robots can not only automate manual tasks but also perform them with high efficiency and accuracy. They can relieve human’s repetitive and overwhelming tasks, transforming how products are handled in a warehouse and logistic business.

Besides, when robots handle tasks within a short time while maintaining accuracy, customers will be more satisfied hence promoting the growth of a business. Autonomous vehicles are also becoming a significant element in AI.

These vehicles can operate on their own with little or no intervention from humans. This means warehouse and logistic businesses that will embrace this technology will become less reliant on human intervention in their operations, which is a significant boost to ensure they maintain their services delivery at all times.

AI is developing, and there will be a time when robots, autonomous vehicles, and other AI products will make decisions with little external input from humans. This will boost businesses using them because of their operations.

2. Big Data and Analytics

Data is an essential element in the business world. It has become a valuable asset in most business and warehouse growth, and logistics is not an exception. When businesses have data, they can analyze it to predict the future and tailor their operations to suit their customers’ needs.

That is why big data and analytics are among the warehouse logistic trends that any business should pay attention to if they want to remain relevant in the industry. Embrace this technology will enable business study and predict the future to tailor their warehouse logistic services to meet their clients’ needs. The technology will help them envision the future and align themselves to ensure customers will cater to their needs when that time comes.

3. Mobile and Wearable Technologies

The wave of technology is bringing two new aspects to the warehouse logistic services. Many businesses are slowly adopting mobile and wearable technologies because of their usefulness in communication and tracking and identifying warehouse items.

When communication is broken down in a warehouse setting, operations are affected. However, mobile and wearable technologies ensure all the people working in the warehouse can keep in touch with each other, hence supporting collaboration. This ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Retrieving and tracking items in a warehouse is essential for the business’s growth because it determines the overall business’s efficiency. When customers have to wait for long to get their items retrieved, they are likely to be disappointed and avoid services from such a company.

However, wearable technologies facilitate faster identification of items in a warehouse hence retrieving them fast. Furthermore, when the items are on the move, this technology can help track them, hence ensuring the customer is up to date with the status of their items from the time they leave a warehouse to when they reach them.

Warehouse logistics requires high efficiency to keep the ever-changing and competitive industry. AI, big data and analytics, and mobile and wearable technologies are among the trends any business in this area needs to watch in 2020 & beyond if they want to sustain themselves.

If you are in this industry and don’t know how or what you need to embrace, you should contact NetSuite Consulting for advice on what will work best for your warehouse logistics business.