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Updated Digital Marketing Trends You Should Try this 2020

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing nowadays is different, specially with the recent Covid-19 pandemic things aren’t as predictable as before. But let’s see how we can keep up with the new trends in marketing this 2020.

According to Houston SEO, for every business, brand, and Influencers, having a strong digital presence is essential to build credibility and attract more potential clients. It allows you to reach out to people far from your physical location and interact with them by giving them online posts that capture their interest. With this, it gives your brand a positive image, which increases the chances of getting prospective customers, thus boosting your sales.

What is Digital Marketing?

Many names have called digital marketing before, such as Internet marketing, web marketing, or Email marketing. However, in our time and age, digital marketing is the most frequently used term. Digital marketing is the process of managing different forms of online presence such as your website, mobile apps, and accounts across different social media platforms. The process includes different communications techniques like search engine optimization, social media advertising, email and blogger outreach, link building, and partnership arrangements with Influencers.

Moreover, digital marketing was first introduced in the 90s, and since then, its process and techniques have significantly evolved. If your brand hasn’t used digital marketing before or you are currently looking for the most current approach, below we have listed some of the best digital marketing trends this 2020.

Social commerce

Before, social media managers and Influencers persuade their followers and viewers to visit the provided link in their social media posts to drive them into their money-making website. This is why crafting high-quality content is essential to build trust and credibility and make their viewers visit their site. But thanks to the continuous innovation in digital marketing, social commerce allows social media users to buy a certain product directly from posts or ads. Also known as shoppable posts, one can simply make a purchase without even leaving the social media platform.

Instagram Checkout, for example, gets a lot of attention from its users since its launch in 2019. Social commerce creates fewer steps for shoppers, and it has successfully lessened sales or cart abandonment. Moreover, linking your social media account into your money-making website is easy.

Direct message marketing

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offer a direct messaging feature. Since those said platforms already have the right demographic for every niche, it enables you to connect with the right people for your brand digitally. With this, it would become easier to promote your brand and enhance your brand awareness campaign. It also allows you to send personalized messages that tell your potential customer on how your brand can benefit them.

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However, one should take note of the risk of auto-DM. While direct messaging is a wonderful way of connecting to people, auto-DM often creates a negative impact, especially if it’s not used correctly. After all, sending generic messages is already annoying and does almost nothing.

When sending a direct message, start by giving compliments to your receiver. And more importantly, be original in crafting authentic and personalized messages for all your prospective clients.

Collaborate with micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has been a trend for years now, and it is still useful in this time and age. However, instead of reaching out to big-time influencers, social media experts recommend reaching out to small- and medium-sized influencers. After all, competing for top-tier influencers are often pricey.

Micro-influencer refers to someone who has at least more than 10,000
followers on a particular social media channel. But compared to big-time
influencers, they are usually comprised of a focused niche market. With
this, they can offer better engagement rate since they can dedicate more
time and overloaded with sponsorship offers from other brands. Also, not
to mention that they are more affordable to work with compared to
top-tier influencers.

Interactive Email marketing

Contrary to the belief of many, Email marketing is not dead yet. In fact, it is still one of the best ways to get connected with your consumers without investing too much money on new software or technology. Furthermore, over 50 percent of mobile users in the United States open their emails from their phones, and 42 percent of them open and read promotional messages coming from different brands.

To make email marketing more effective than ever, digital marketers transform simple plain-text emails and newsletters into an interactive web-page like email. Interactive Email marketing includes clickable buttons, highly polished designs, high-quality marketing images, and call to action links.

Furthermore, Email marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to other digital marketing approaches, which make it a better choice for small businesses with a low marketing budget.

Featured snippets

Another way to create an effective brand awareness campaign is by optimizing your content for featured snippets. Featured snippets are Google’s new way of answering a user’s query by providing a box that appears at the top of SERP. They add this feature to provide information in the quickest way possible. Also, it sends a signal that your content is of high-quality, well-made, and useful.

According to Ahrefs, aiming for the featured snippet spot can significantly increase your organic traffic by 31 percent. Moreover, mobile users will more likely click your link and probably won’t even have to scroll down the search result page since you have already provided them the answer they are looking for. To help you create an attractive featured snippet, you can seek help from Houston SEO.


Vlogs are more direct and personal since vloggers were able to speak with their viewers directly. Also, using video marketing, you can live-stream special events to show your viewers the latest happenings with your brand or let them see some behind-the-scenes to keep them engaged.