Types Of Essay – All You Need To Know About

Essay Writing

Essay Writing

As a student or lecturer, of course, you are familiar with essays. An essay is a type of article that discusses problems according to author’s point of view. The essay can be informal and formal, and it depends on the topic you are writing.

You must follow all the guidelines otherwise you can hire someone to write essay, there are many services you can hire like, law essay writing service, finance essay writing service, college essay writing service, but some topics like, law, finance, news, politics must be formal. If you are writing about hobby, personal opinion, entertainment, so you can write informal.

Informal essays use conversational language, with the form of the greeting “I” and as if he is talking directly to the reader. For formal essays, the approach is serious.

The author uses all writing requirements. In writing an essay there are several parts that must be present, namely the beginning, middle, and end. According to McMillan and Weyers, the essay consists of an opening, a content, and a closing.

First, an introduction that contains background information and identifies the subject of discussion and an introduction of the topic.

Second, the body of the essay which presents all the information about the subject.

Third, the final section provides conclusions by restating the main idea, summarizing the essay’s body, or adding some observations about the subject that the author judged.

In the opening section, it should be noted that you should never start an essay with a definition of a campus. The essay should begin with the shortest and most concise answer to the academic question.

Writing an introduction or introduction is asking a question that must be answered. In other words, the nature of the introduction is to trigger the brain to think critically.

This is just discussing the introduction. There is still a section of the essay that we need to know. On this occasion; I will discuss how to write essays that you can practice and can try. Here’s the review.

Types of Essays

The essay has 6 types. Of course, there are differences between one essay type and another.

1. Writing Descriptive Essays.

This type of essay can write down any subject or object that can attract the author’s attention. He can describe a house, shoes, a place for recreation and so on.

2. Writing Editorial Essays.

Essays of this type can be seen in newspapers and magazines. This essay has a particular function, which is to describe the views and attitudes of the newspaper/magazine on a topic and issue in society. With an editorial essay, the newspaper shapes the opinion of the readers. Newspaper headlines do not need to be accompanied by the author’s name.

3. Writing Shortcuts.

This essay allows a writer to reveal several aspects of a person’s individual life to readers. Through these character inscriptions, the reader can determine the author’s attitude towards the type of person he reveals. Here the author does not write a biography. He chooses only the significant parts of that personal life and disposition.

4. Writing Personal Essays.

It is almost the same as character cut-out essays. However, personal essays are written by the person himself about himself. The author will state “I am who I am. I will tell you my life and my view on life”. He opened the veil about himself.

5. Writing Reflective Essays.

A reflective essay is written formally with a serious tone. The author expresses deeply, seriously and carefully some important topics related to life, such as death, politics, education, and human nature. This essay is addressed to scholars.

6. Writing Critical Essays.

In critical essays, the writer focuses on describing art, such as painting, dance, sculpture, sculpture, theatre, and literature. Critical essays can be written about traditional art, the work of an artist in the past, about contemporary art. This essay awakens the reader’s awareness of the writer’s thoughts and feelings about the artwork. Criticism concerning literary works is called literary criticism.

Now, we have discussed how to write essay without being complicated. No need to worry about it if you are new to write essay.