Top Software Development Trends to Look for in 2021 and Beyond

Software Development Trends to Look for in 2021

Software Development Trends to Look for in 2021

As far as software development is concerned, it is a field that is ever-evolving. According to an article published on, skilled developers need to stay abreast with the latest technologies in application development, which is a continuous learning process. They need to master new things and adapt to them as and when required.

Amid the corona pandemic, we all were forced to embrace the new normal, and so was software development. We had to adjust to the new situation leveraging the technologies we used all this time. One example is working remotely. Here are some of the top trends in software development to look out for in 2021:

Artificial Intelligence

Many businesses are using artificial intelligence (AI), a popular trend in 2020, and more improvements are expected this year and beyond. Based on the findings of IDC, the returns from AI are anticipated to touch $156.5 billion, which is over 12 percent since 2019.

Businesses worldwide are spending more on robust, cost-effective AI technologies. Innovative technologies such as machine learning, speech processing, and deep learning are in much demand in 2021 and the trend will take the world by storm this year and beyond. The embedded systems company provides programmed devices that enable the functioning of machines wherein they are used. These systems id based on a combination of computer hardware and computer software.

AI has its use in many ways, one of which is in cybersecurity. Did you know that AI could recognize activity patterns and malicious applications that can threaten your business and data? AI can identify data violations as well as dubious IP addresses and implementing AI will ensure security. Learn how companies like IO Technologies are making the best use of artificial intelligence.

Internet of Things

With the wide use of Bluetooth trackers, smart home systems, or for that matter, point of sale (POS) beacons, the Internet of Things (IoT) is quite popular this year. Studies indicate that the IoT software and hardware sector is anticipated to grow by $520 billion this year.

IoT means connecting several devices to build a network, and it could be any device including cars, kitchen appliances, and factory machines. All such devices are connected to share information in real-time. IoT was used primarily during the pandemic to ensure zero human contact to fight the novel coronavirus.

The best example of IoT use is the self-operating point of sales in shopping malls and big stores. The technology is in use today and extremely prominent for ensuring contactless and safe payment.

Low-code Development

Low-code development is the use of software to build applications with the least amount of code or zero use of code. It helps non-coders to build software and use them. The drop and drag editors are the trendiest types of low-code development.

It takes big, dedicated teams of application developers as well as architects to build software of any kind. Then, things did change last year. Of late, there has been a trend of low-code development structures and businesses are looking forward to low-code platforms as a possible revolution when it comes to software development.


Now that you know about the latest trends of software development, implement them in your work to build effective applications to simplify users’ lives.