Top Six Signs That You Need Help From an Online Reputation Management Company

online reputation

In an era when almost all companies are using online platforms to reach their customers, issues of reputation are likely to arise. This explains why having an online reputation management company is an essential aspect for online companies. However, before you hire an online reputation management company, you need to know some of the signs that you need an online reputation makeover.

  1. Negative Product Reviews

Product reviews are forming one of the most important decision-making strategies that customers use. Most people will not buy a product before they have checked online for reviews. If your products receive constant negative reviews, there is a high chance that you will lose customers. You don’t have to wait until you have zero sales to react. A single negative review of your products could have devastating impacts. You need to act before everything gets out of control.

  • Decline in Sales

The reputation of an organization is one of the things that have an impact on the sales that a company makes within a specific financial period. High sales are likely to be recorded when a business has a better reputation in the industry. However, a poor business reputation could have a significant negative impact on sales. If your company has been recording declining sales for more than two months, you need to have an online reputation makeover. 

  • Declining Website Traffic

Website traffic is another major indicator of the health and reputation of a company in the modern world. Companies that have good reputations continue to get more traffic to their sites. These are individuals looking to buy various products and services from the company. However, when the reputation of a company declines, only a few people will be willing to buy from the company. This will be seen in declining business sales, as well as a decline in traffic on the company’s website.

  • Negative Social Media Posts

Every company is aware of the influence that social media has on modern business operations. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have millions of subscribers. Any negative comment on these sites can have significant impacts on a business. Therefore, when such a post is posted on a social media platform, looking for an online reputation management company is the only way that a company can come out on top. 

  • Poor Online Visibility

Visibility of a business on a search engine is determined by mentions and the number of people searching related keywords. When a company is suffering from negative social media attacks, very few people will search the website of the organization, which results in low traffic. This can have some significant impacts on the visibility of a company on Google.

  • Visitors Not Converting Into Customers

Another sign that you need a reputation makeover is when most of the visitors to your website or social media accounts are not converting into customers. When your company is experiencing a bad reputation, many visitors will visit your site, but they will not convert into customers. 

If you have noticed that you are experiencing the signs highlighted above, looking for an online reputation management company such as Status Labs will help you reverse the downward trend. Status Labs is a company that can help you discover more negative reputation signs while at the same time providing the necessary solutions.