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Top Features Of The Best Condo To Look For

Top Features Of The Best Condo To Look For

Top Features Of The Best Condo To Look For

Condominiums are the new home for people nowadays. The advantages and features are innumerable that homeowners prefer condo instead of house and lot.


Condos are cheaper and easier to maintain. Also, it is located strategically for easy accessibility to all. Furthermore, security is tight, and various amenities are available.

Amazing, right? 

If you want to live in a condo, research first. Consider the condo type you and your family want. Moreover, learn the top features of the best condo to look for.

Top 7 Features Of The Best Condo

Condo buying requires the top characteristics of your new home. With financial decisions and lifestyle as a significant factor, living in a condo is a good option. Ensure quality living as you consider the top 7 features of the best condo to look for.

History and Reputation

Take time to research the reputation and history of a developer. Know more information about their performance and status through an online search. Find out how many projects they have built, how many warranty claims paid out, and their license status.

Also, ask the developer for references. If you can visit some of their previous developments, do so. Meet the condo owners and learn first-hand how their purchasing experience was.

Building Quality and Workmanship

The condo unit construction works in two ways. First, the developer owns a construction company that manages the construction process. Second, the developer relies on outside construction companies. If this is the case, the construction company selects based on the lowest values for cost. The best way of doing it – bidding.

Either way, both construction companies must complete what the developer wants. However, it is highly recommended to buy units owned by construction companies. The developers have more control and visibility over project management. Thus, ensure construction quality standards are met. If your top priority for the best condo is quality, you know what to look for.

Suite Design

Modern condos today have suite designs that include structural construction pillars, curved walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Developers hire interior design professionals to optimize the condo unit layouts. With suite designs, units are well-designed to the best living experience possible.

Always take a closer look at the suite floor plans. Ask yourself, ‘Are the layout and design necessary?’ ‘Are you looking forward to this way of living?’

Quality Finishes

There are no clear standards when it comes to finishes. It varies from building to building and developer to developer. If you prefer a condo development with premium finishes, clarify it with your chosen developer. You might be expecting granite countertops and high-end appliances, but they’re about a different one. For example, Builder A may offer standard finishes with a unit base price equivalent to the upgraded or premium finishes of Builder B.

To help you choose for the best condo, shop around different developers. Also, diligently evaluate the quality of finishes and materials used. Take the full opportunity of your condo sale visit to touch and feel. It avoids overpaying for premium finishes but falls short on quality. Most importantly, ask the sales representative if the unit is standard or upgraded.

Excellent Amenities

The best condo has excellent amenities aligned with your needs and priorities. Facilities are most important in maximizing the value of your investment. Look closely at amenity drawings and discuss them with the sales representative.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The top of the list is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient residence. A perfect home considers the environment. Energy-efficient home designs and energy-saving appliances like windows, toilets, and showerheads are observed. Some look into the earth-conscious building history and materials.

Internet Connectivity

The Internet is now a basic need. A condo unit with a reliable and comfortable Wi-Fi connection persuades condo buyers. Sometimes it is available in individuals’ units or resident-accessible lobbies and centers. If you want the best condo, ask if they have wireless Internet.

Pet Friendly 

Pet lovers are welcome in condominiums. There are elusive pet-friendly condos ready for you. Look for open-door policies towards pets. It might increase your occupancy rate, but it’s worth it. Be a responsible pet owner. Take care of your pets and keep them safe at all times.

Fitness Centre

A fitness center is a big bonus, especially if you love to workout. It saves you from gym memberships that are difficult to keep. Stay fit without leaving your building. Meet new people with the same health and fitness passion.

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Space

The swimming pool is one of the best condo amenities. Having an outdoor space engaging family activity is also a big plus! Although it might cost you, it’s worth it especially if the location is desirable.

Parking Accommodation

Do you have a car? Check the availability of parking slots on your desired condo. Inquire about the developer’s policies on getting parking spaces. Make sure it’s spacious and free from hazards.

Customer Focus

When buying a condo, it’s essential to check for customer care. It’s nice to know that you have a trusted, caring team available to help you get the best property in the Philippines without extra charge or hassle. Moreover, they will ensure your home will be in prime condition. It assures you that no details are left unfinished, and everything is ready on your move-in day.

Having a condo is something you should carefully think about. Always consider your basic needs. To get on the right path, consider the top features of the best condo to look for. For sure, you’ll find your dream home.