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Top 9 Tips for Selecting the Right Offshore Web Development

“A popular website does three things -it precise the visitors, guides them to the main services or product you offer and collects contact details for future reference.”

Offshore web development services come with their profits and risks. Outsourcing web design to India remains a top choice for businesses in high and upper-middle-income economies. Cost efficiency is the main motive for web design subcontracting. However, there are plenty of more aspects that define the offshoring of web development services.

To make the most of offshore web development, you need to acquaint yourself with some realities of outsourcing. Moreover, to reduce risks, you would need to follow some simple steps while outsourcing web design overseas.

There are hundreds of thousands of web design outsourcing companies. Not every company can offer reliable services. Do some homework to choose the right company. These rules could be helpful.

So here are a few things that you need to consider while selecting the offshore web development company:

1. Proactive response

A proactive response is a sign that the company you are planning to choose has all the vital skills to meet your requisites. A company that can walk a step ahead to improvise on your project, making the process better with each passing day, is the one that should effectively check on all the right boxes of your selection list.

2. The reputation of the company

No one would want to work with an offshore company that lacks proper credentials. More importantly, background checking is not just about ensuring that the company is reliable. It is more than that.

Check the Reviews

It is easy to be misled or even get duped. The offshore company you are seeking to hire would most likely not be covered by your country’s law. It is very easy for an amateur to win your trust by publishing flashy details. Do not believe in the testimonials! Even worse, there are people out to trick you by projecting themselves as web design outsourcing company. Beware!

The best way to avoid this is by checking company reviews from the online community. Real companies post regularly on their blogs. Accreditations are a bonus. Check the social media pages to get a further idea. Try to contact the company office to check that they are a genuine company. This alone would not be enough, though!

Past Work Samples and Experience

Asking the company for samples of past work and references has a dual motive. First, it is a part of ascertaining that the company is genuine. Second, it gives you the idea of the kind of projects that it has handled in the past.

You might be zeroing in on the wrong company if the services they provide are not what you need. Besides, their work could be below the standards you are expecting. If the company claims to have designed some websites, you may simply drop emails to cross-check with them. It may take a few weeks, but it is better than making the wrong decision.

Check their portfolio to figure out if they have handled similar projects.

3. Pricing

That’s the main reason why most businesses choose website design outsourcing companies. Note that it does not matter how much they charge. What matters is the quality of services, on-time delivery, and the willingness to understand your business. These advantages or the lack of it has to be compared with the charges to measure cost efficiency.

Always check the average outsourcing rates in a country. It is a smart idea to opt for an offshoring location that has lots of competing companies for outsourcing web designIndia is an example, where tremendous competition among web development services comes as a blessing to businesses. They are ensured of high-quality services at very competitive rates.

Compare the cost of the services, but do not forget the quality of work.

4. Longevity

The number of business years that a company has spent and the milestones that it has achieved in its field industry decides the success path of the company. Needless to say, this is what you may be looking for to have some peace of mind that you have handed over your work in the right hands. The track record and its consistency speak a lot about the offshore web development company. Such parameters pen down the maturity and credibility factor that stands vital for getting in business terms with a vendor.

5. Time zone

When you hire developers from your own country, you do not have to worry about the time zone. On the contrary, when you look for overseas developers, the time zone can act as a barrier. Yet, if you find out the positives, you will tend to notice that work is being done even when you are sleeping. But before you get things done in white and black, make sure that both the parties develop a mutual understanding that proper communication will be maintained irrespective of the differences in the time zone.

6. Security policy

Your apps and software can be quite prone to phishing attacks, data loss, and other cybersecurity firm risks. Therefore, data security becomes a mandatory factor to consider in securing your valuables. So select a company that can complete your project within time frames taking into account the security constraint for your software development.

7. Project management ability

Project management capability is touted as one of the critical parameters that one should consider while hiring an offshore web development company. They should necessarily not only possess the essential skills to get solutions for your project, but they should also be able to manage it efficiently at the same time. Usually, such companies deploy a contact person who stands responsible for assisting the clients and updating them about the progress.

8. Industrial experience

While you get in talking terms with the offshore development company, you should be vigilant enough to judge whether the vendor has experience in your industry. Consider asking those questions if they have worked on similar niches before or if they have worked for similar industries to ease out the air.

9. Flawless communication skills

Communication skills stand to be a mandatory factor that every offshore professional should excel in to bridge the gap of country barriers. If the vendor is not able to understand the client’s needs, then there are high chances that things can end up in a mess. Thus the offshore developers should be highly efficient in communication to get the project triggered smoothly. 

The outsourcing industry is taking a top-notch these days, which has filled the market with fierce competitors making it difficult for an establishment to pick on the right web development company.

Choosing Saigon technology can solve this problem as it assures you of getting connected with talented and experienced people who will work on your project, taking care of all the quality standards. Not only do they provide quality work at budgeted prices, but they are also flexible enough to cater to your current and future business needs.