Top 10 Tricks to Ace the AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification exam.



What is the purpose of AWS Certified Security- Specialty Certification?

This course is meant specially for candidates who are interested in security roles and have at a minimum of two years of hands-on experience with AWS workloads. It is also recommended that the candidate should have a minimum of 5 years of IT security experience. If you are a candidate who wants to learn all the different security mechanisms and techniques that are used in AWS, this is the perfect course for you. And this is why AWS training and certification is extremely popular today.

Through the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification, you will be able to demonstrate and validate that you have in-depth knowledge about the different security topics like data protection, infrastructure security, and many more.

With the help of hands-on labs, quizzes and mock tests, you will be able to gain expertise in the AWS Certified Security- Specialty exam..

Pros of AWS training and certification.

  • Cloud Security is essential in all use cases and hence it will be of great benefit to you.
  • The certification received by AWS holds a great value and is a reputable benchmark for the different partners.
  • You will learn about the best security practices.

If you want to go for security engineering on AWS, this specialty certification course will be of great benefit since it will effectively help you understand how to use the different AWS services so that you stay protected in the cloud.

How to study for AWS Certified Security- specialty certification?

If you want to pass examinations for AWS Training & Certification, you need to try some effective methods and tricks to ace it. Even though this is one of the most challenging examinations, you do not have to worry about it. We are here to help you out with the top tricks and methods to help you clear this specialty exam.

  1. When you want to go for Security engineering on AWS, you have to be prepared always for any kind of security threats. So when you are given any question, think of every possible way to solve it from the security point of view.
  2. The total examination is divided into five domains namely incident response, logging and monitoring, infrastructure security, identify access management and data protection. Each of the sections carries a specific percentage and it will be better if you prepare according to that weightage.
  3. Since AWS IAM is the basic feature, it is suggested that you should know about it in detail if you want to go for the security domain. For this you have to understand the policy evaluation logic including all the IAM policy elements.
  4. Encryption is very essential to improve data security. So if any data is sensitive and can be exploited, it is always suggested to encrypt it. So you will see a lot of questions in the examination regarding what is the best location to encrypt the data according to different scenarios.
  5. You will always have to be ready to respond quickly to any kind of incident which comes up because that is the job of security engineers.
  6. There are multiple AWS security services out there and each of them has a specific function. You do not have to be an expert in each of them but it is suggested to know all the basic features of all the elements.
  7. Time management is another important factor while appearing for this examination. There are a total of 65 questions and you will have only 170 minutes to respond to them. You will get an approximate of two and a half minutes for each question. But you have to manage your time according to how complicated the question is. And since there is no negative marking we always suggest that you answer all the questions.
  8. You cannot learn anything if you do not try it. So just reading about the tips and tricks to clear the examination is definitely not enough. A lot of practice is essential and this is how you can explore to learn more and more about AWS Training & Certification.
  9. There is no specific order through which you need to appear for the AWS certification exams. But of course appearing for the foundational and Associate level certification examinations will help you gain a better idea.
  10. The most important trick to solve tricky questions is to carefully analyse what the question is clearly asking. After that you have to eliminate the wrong answers and select the best one out of the lot.


There are many tips and tricks and guides available to help you study for the AWS Certified Security specialty certification exams. But the key ingredient for this AWS training and certification exam is to practice more and manage your time. And you will be good to go.