Tips, Tricks and Tweaks for Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Distribution

Offline marketing has an important place in the advertising of your business. Offline marketing can help to create brand awareness and improve visibility. Oppizi flyer distribution can help you circulate your leaflets to the relevant audience.

Best practice for leaflet distribution

  1. Address the target market

Who do you intend to give your leaflets to? You can define your target audience by age, gender, occupation or earning capability. For instance, you are likely to stock snacks in a college canteen because youths like takeaway meals and refreshments. Therefore, if you open a new joint, you can distribute the leaflet in the evening when the students leave the college.

  1. Give out handouts in the streets

You can distribute your business leaflet in busy streets because you’ll reach many people. You can also hire short-term marketers and place them on a busy street in different locations.

This ensures that everyone along the path receives information about your products or services. However, check with municipality by-laws for areas where you intend to distribute the leaflets. Further, you can engage your target audience in small talk before handling the leaflets. Consequently, you’ll have a lower drop rate when your audience willingly picks the flyer.

  1. Make small, handy leaflets

The size of your leaflet can affect your audience pick-up rate. A small-sized handout fits in the hand or wallet when folded. Avoid large, bulky flyers because your audience may find them bothersome. You can maximize leaflets by printing relevant information on both sides of the brochure. Further, you can fold it lengthwise to encourage your audience to insert it in their wallets or pockets.

  1. Insert in selected periodicals

You can also insert your leaflet in public publications such as magazines and newspapers. Periodicals and dailies target a specific market. You can use the already-established circulation channels by inserting your flyers in such publications. Remember to consider the cost involved because you’ll ride on an established brand such as a newspaper company or magazine publisher. However, the return on investment is higher than using your resources to penetrate a new market.

  1. Collaborate with other firms

You can collaborate with other established circulation firms to reach your target audience. You may require a facilitation fee to allow you to insert your leaflets inside their products. You can also hire distribution agencies to help circulate your flyers to the desired market.

  1. Request distribution display tills

You can request busy business points to allow you to display your flyers at the tills. You can ask your friends to distribute your flyers to their customers at a negotiable fee. However, your business choice should not be competing with yours. A complimentary business is the best for display tills.

  1. Support community initiatives

Your brand can sponsor community teams, charity events and other such events. You can distribute the leaflets to a significant population to create brand awareness and increase visibility.


Leaflets are a handy pieces of paper with relevant product information. They’re ineffective offline marketing tools because they can reach a wider audience. You can also hire a leaflet distribution agency to help you achieve better results in your marketing endeavours.