Things You Should Know About ACNH Museum – 5 Museum Secretes You Have Missed

One of the key components of Animal Crossing New Horizons is the establishment of a museum on your island, as great ACNH museum design idea allows you to show off your collection and helps showcase your donations to friends and villagers. But in designing or visiting the museum in ACNH, we may ignore some small details which can be really helpful to you. Here we present 5 necessary Animal Crossing museum secrets you may have missed.

  1. Fire in the museum

Like any safe museum, this one is actually full of fire exhibits, they don’t actually lead anywhere. So if there is a fire in the museum it seems like you’re stuck. However, it’s pretty cool for them to add a realistic little touch across the museum making it feel closer to a real life museum that you could actually visit.

  1. Little poster

Little poster

Little poster

This little poster you can see here is actually showing off a horseshoe crab which is a creature that you’ll have to dive for in order to find. It was added in with the diving update in Animal Crossing New Horizons and this cute little poster is just showing it off and showing off its stinger at the end of its tail. You can actually find quite a few of these scattered around the museum, so taking a look out for any that you can find.

  1. Piranha

If you donated piranha to the museum and go to visit it in its tank, you’ll find that it actually tries to go for you. This little fella isn’t messing around and will go right up to the glass in an attempt to bite you. It’s stuck in this tank so you can live another day knowing that your skin is safe at least until this thing becomes sentient and learns how to grow legs and catch you outside of the water where you really won’t be safe.

  1. Deep sea creatures exhibit

Deep sea creatures exhibit

Deep sea creatures exhibit

If you stand in this particular spot in the deep sea creatures exhibit, you’ll get a new camera angle as the game is encouraging you to take a photo op with this diver and the submarine, you can see this by the little sign indicating a camera and the nook phone too. So if you’re looking for some nice photos in the museum this could be a really cool place to do that.

  1. Surrounding area

Surrounding area

Surrounding area

Behind this exhibit you can actually see the surrounding area is some really nice peaceful forest. This is just some kind of screen designed to make the room look prettier, the main room the museum also has some leaves falling outside the glass windows but this doesn’t really work for many islands who have their museums placed in really odd locations either way it looks super pretty and you don’t really get to see this backdrop too often, because of how the camera is angled by default.

Hope these small museum secrets ACNH are helpful to you! If you are finding the best place to buy AC items on designing your museum, welcome to visit AKRPG.COM!