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The SYPWAI team: how to get on board

Credit: Pixabay

SYPWAI is a company that is developing synthetic intelligence by applying meticulous metrics and deep neural network research, until recently unknown. After receiving a $90,000,000 grant from the Lifeasapa Foundation in 2018, rapid development began and resulted in a public functionality trial in October of last year.

To date, SYPWAI’s site has become a client of millions of interested parties across the planet, and the firm has progressed so rapidly that it has beaten out a group of major market entrants in the synthetic mind market from the top spots.

Companies working with SYPWAI include both narrowly-specialized companies as well as international industry giants. Those who have applied SYPWAI’s developments have soared to new business heights through improved labor operations and the introduction of synthetic intelligence.

Enterprise Team. The people behind SYPWAI’s success

The saying: “The strength of a company is in the people who work there” is true.

The firm employs more than 3,000 people across the globe in the service of society and development, including renowned scientists. According to the top managers, the company’s rapid progress has been made possible by its people offering unconventional solutions, knowing their problems and solving them, people are scattered all over the world and therefore see things differently. The management principle is the same as in other IT companies. Each division works on a separate task. This ensures the right concentration and the completion of the most important tasks.

The backbone of the site is the members of the site

The company’s STO agrees: “People help us enormously and are generously rewarded. Not only do we have 3,000 highly qualified experts on our staff, but millions of people around the world also contribute to SYPWAI. In addition to 3,000 professional opinions on one situation, we have millions of opinions on thousands of different situations where it is not only a specialized approach but also a creative solution that solves everything. It always helps to see a different path.”

Terms of membership in SYPWAI

There are two ways to join the company: the user way and the professional way.

To start working with SYPWAI on a user level you have to:

  • obtain a referral link from the manager for your region;
  • buy a dedicated gadget and download the application;
  • register and follow the instructions.

If you are an active user you can expect to increase your income by around $600.

If you want to progress as an SYPWAI pro, you first need to be educated, inquisitive and highly motivated.

Competition for the company is high and there are several stages. This guarantees that the best will get through. Having successfully passed the selection process, you will become an employee of SYPWAI.

“We cooperate with many universities and sometimes invite talented students to join us for internships. What better way than with an ambitious young mind?” explains the company’s development manager.

And in general, when it comes to the human factor, the management members speak flatteringly of the employees, who in turn consider the team as their kin and SYPWAI as their home.

A key part of SYPWAI’s success is a cohesive team of experts.