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The Right Way to Raise Voice Against Injustice

The Right Way to Raise Voice Against Injustice

The Right Way to Raise Voice Against Injustice

No matter how optimistic you are, you can deny that this world is not fair. We see and face many injustices in many forms almost every day. Sometimes it’s discrimination and sometimes it’s harassment or unjust use of power. Either way, many of us feel like a victim and are reminded that this world is still much like a jungle that hasn’t civilized as much as it claims.

If you really want the world to become a civilized society where everyone gets his rights without asking, everyone has to take a stand against it. We should start by improving ourselves to ensure we don’t, intentionally or unintentionally, take away someone’s right to justice. It is after we have become a role model can we ask others to follow the same path.

You will then take a stand wherever you see this happening. You don’t necessarily have to be in a strong position to make a difference. Just one voice is more than enough to start with. It will get stronger with time and many others will also learn from you. Here I’ve discussed what you can do to raise your voice against injustice.

Write and Publish

You should start by writing about the issues that have been bothering you or someone around you. Spreading awareness is really important. This is why you should let the world know about the injustice. If there is one thing powerful people fear, it’s public. We are weak when alone, but a united nation is the strongest power.

You can write about these people and their unjust deeds and publish the article on The Doe. They have a good following and they will even keep your identity hidden for your protection. You will be able to get other people to be cautious with your writing and they might also take a stand with you.

Talk to Press

If you feel the issue needs urgent attention, there can’t be a better medium than mainstream news channels. You should reach out to news channels in your area and share the story with them. If possible try to get some live time and interviews on popular programs. You should be able to convince the journalists that the issue you are raising needs to be heard and it’s for the good of society; otherwise, they might think that you are just doing it for publicity.

Use Social Media

You don’t have to reach out to anyone if you have a social media following of your own. It’s understandable that most people don’t have a lot of followers and they don’t even have a page. It doesn’t matter. Simply start posting the issues on your social media profile and encourage all people in your circle to share them.

Likewise, you can also start a blog of your own and write detailed articles about the issue. You can share those articles on your social profiles to get visitors. Your goal should be to get the attention of other strong people who can make a difference by joining you in the cause.