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The Latest Kid’s Birthday Party Trends To Give Your Kid A Memory To Cherish

2020 has been disappointing for parties and gatherings. However, you cannot see your child sad and heartbroken because of the ongoing crisis that puts a damper on their birthday plans.

Besides throwing a huge party, there are several things that you can do together with your child to celebrate their birthday, which would make them happy and keep you and your family safe from the pandemic.

If anything at all, a birthday party amidst a global health crisis is an excellent time for reflection and assessing the excesses and understanding where you, as a family and a parent need to step up and create lessons for your child.

One of the latest trends making waves in kids’ birthday parties is incorporating AI text-to-video technology. Imagine capturing your child’s special day with personalized video messages from their favorite characters or creating a virtual reality experience for guests to enjoy.

This birthday could be an excellent time for your child and you to create a unique and fun memory, along with being socially conscious and educational. Here are our top 10 ideas to make your child’s birthday a memorable one in 2024.

Go Virtual

You cannot possibly have a considerable number of guests over for a birthday party this year. This might be a difficult thing for your child to understand, as is the whole concept of social distancing.

You can introduce the idea of a virtual birthday to them in an exciting manner, familiarizing them with the plan that they can meet all the people they love but through a screen and celebrate together.

They can still get their gifts, interact with their friends and close family members over a video call, and play games while being safe at home. 

What your child needs to understand is the importance of social distancing and how this helps a global crisis. This is not an easy-breezy thing to explain to your child, either. 

But with a little patience and simplifying your language, you would be surprised to see how receptive they are to the idea. They might even be excited about a virtual party.

Create an Exciting Invite

So what if your little one is having a virtual birthday? They deserve a fun invite nonetheless. Let their friends, your friends as well as your family, know about this event of the year with a fresh video invitation.

You can easily make one of these cutesy invites using InVideo’s invitation maker. Personalize this invite with their photos, their favorite activities, or pop culture references that they love.

 With a fun birthday invite at tow, you can even post this up on your social media for a casual flex. Nothing grabs more attention on Instagram than a new party invite created with this online tool.

Set up a Gift Registry

A birthday is no fun without gifts. The idea of a virtual party might appeal to your child, but you need to ensure that they are not sad because they don’t get any gifts and end up feeling down on their special day.

Most online services have resumed deliveries, and hence, you can easily set up a gift registry for your kid on your favorite website and share the same with your potential guests.

Add in your address in the invite that you share with your guests, and they can schedule deliveries for the gifts at your home to ensure that your child gets all their presents on time!

Bring Out The Chef In You

No one knows what your child likes to eat better than you do! Whether its macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, or something that you specially cook, this is your one opportunity to recreate it at home and surprise them!

The quarantine has awakened the culinary genius in many of us anyway, and this birthday party is truly your place to shine. Ask your child about the food, buy the supplies, and keep everything ready for D-Day.

You can prep for the food the night before and start cooking early on the birthday to be ready before you start your virtual party!

Moreover, for the cake, you have two options. Firstly, you can unleash your inner baking legend and bust out the oven and bake a delicious and straightforward homemade cake for your child.

Alternatively, you can support a local business or a home baker in this time of crisis and order in a cake that your child will love. 

This also helps put food on someone’s plate or keep their venture afloat. After all, what is a birthday without an act of kindness?

Encourage your Kid To Serve the Community

Whether it is by packing a portion of their birthday treats or meal for those who are not fortunate enough or by picking out a charity on their behalf, you can initiate your child on a route to serve the community better right at a young age.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to set up a regular charity on your child’s behalf, where you will donate a certain amount every month. You can also extend this idea to your guests and ask them to put a portion of their gift budget for charity.

A better way to do this would also be to ask your guests to send in cash for your child and then use a percentage of these gifts to contribute to a charity!

Design Party Games

A party is never fun without a few games. You can design up a few games that your child and their friends like while making it cool for the adults to join in!

Choose games that are easy to play over video without diluting the experience of it. You can play charades, Pictionary or even, make up your activity that is a combination of many of your favorite games!

Get Your Child a Special Gift

This year is hard for everyone. Especially for children who aren’t able to meet their friends, start a typical school year or enjoy a summer vacation with their family, it could get especially tough.

Gifting them something meaningful that would genuinely make them happy and take their mind off this predicament could be a great idea. You can adopt a pet, get them books, or buy them online lessons for an activity they enjoy to make them feel less isolated in this situation.

In Conclusion

Don’t let the pandemic ruin your child’s birthday. Use these tactics to throw them a quarantine birthday party that they would enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.