The advantages and disadvantages of learning Apps

The times that we are calls for the use of digital technology in teaching. Even the students in K-12 cannot carry out the learning process without the use of computers and tablets. What are the advantages as well as the disadvantages that are involved in this process that can help write my dissertation in the future? We shall be taking a look at them one after the other.


Engagement and motivation: It is usually difficult to get the student engaged during lesson hours in the class when the teacher is teaching without the learning apps. But immediately this is introduced, the attention of all the kids will be drawn to their apps.

Future preparation: Another yes going on for the use of learning apps in school is the encounter that the students are going to have with it outside the school during their working years. It is therefore important to get the kids introduced to it from school.

It encourages individual learning: Kids study at a different pace in the classroom. The introduction of the app will bring in custom learning in the classroom. 

Gives room for the disabled: The introduction of learning apps will go all the way to bridge the gap between the physically challenged students and what they pass through in the traditional classroom environment.

Helps in academic performances: It has been established (though with little supporting facts) that the use of apps helps in boosting the academic performances of students in school.

If you are still in any form of doubt; you can get more info through The Pros and Cons of Learning Apps.

Mention can be made of the fact that the apps also make teaching easy for the teachers and it is a cost-saving device of the huge amount that would have been spent on paper and other writing accessories.

Disadvantages of education apps

There is the need to take a look at the other side of the coin to balance the equation out. 

Emotional development and attention: Daniel Goleman Ph.D. (of Emotional Intelligence fame) raised a concern. He believes that the apps will take the attention of the students away from the school environment to the apps.

Distraction: With the use of learning apps, students are more likely to overstep their bounds. They leave the major concerns on their education and go all the way to surf the internet for games. This is a worrisome distraction.

Excessive screen time: The use of the apps makes students stay more online than necessary. This will lead to overstimulation according to Janice Kowalski, M.D. 

Harms social interaction: The focus of the apps is on the individual student instead of focusing directly on the peers of the students and the teachers. This will completely sacrifice the element of social interaction.

It kills traditional learning: The coming of the apps is gradually killing the traditional learning system. When the apps develop a fault; the system will be brought down completely. 

Final thoughts

You have seen the advantages as well as the disadvantages of learning apps. It is left to the school to create a balance in-between the two in a way that will highlight the gains and lower the disadvantages of in-app learning.