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Tech Companies Cbm Patent Letter

Tech Companies Cbm Patent Letter

Tech Companies Cbm Patent Letter

What is CBM or Covered Business Method?

Covered Business Method (CBM) patents are patents that claim a way, apparatus, or operation utilized in the practice, administration, or management of a financial product or service. These CBM patents however, don’t include patents for “technological inventions,” which are those patents that claim a completely unique and unobvious technological feature that solves a technical problem employing a technical solution.

Technological patents are going to be identified on a case-by-case basis.

This means that companies who work in technology sector will have to make patents for their individual products.

For example, if some company comes up with a way to make cheap vr headset for pc gaming they will have to register it separately.

What is CBM Review?

CBM review is something very similar to post grant review, but there is some notable difference among these two.

For instance, only that party can challenge infringement of CBP patent can initiate CBM challenge.

Albeit under the last principles, a gathering that has been served a quit it letter is probably going to be considered to have been accused of encroachment for reasons for requesting of for post-award audit of a CBM patent. Furthermore, CBM audit can be documented just when post-award survey is inaccessible (e.g., nine months after issuance).

What’s more, the earlier workmanship accessible for CBM survey of a patent conceded under the first-to-concoct rules (i.e., licenses recorded preceding March 16, 2013) is constrained to that characterized in segment 18(a)(1)(C) of the America Invents Act. CBM audit likewise incorporates novel estoppel arrangements that are less broad than post-award survey.

In particular, estoppel under CBM audit stretches out just to grounds really attested however not to grounds that sensibly could have been affirmed.

We heard from a number of small tech companies and ACT members about their concerns with the covered business method patent provisions in the Innovation Act.

While supporting many of the provisions in the proposed legislation, Startups and small tech companies oppose the expansion of the transitional program for covered business method patents because it will result in added costly litigation.

They shared their concerns through this letter to House Judiciary Committee members in advance of tomorrow’s legislative hearing on the Innovation Act.

We also interviewed, Kozy Panda, a music product review blog, they said,” While we support the intent of the bill, we are concerned that the proposed extension of the transitional program for covered business method (CBM) patents will have a significant and negative impact on small technology companies”

While Kozy Panda being a music product review blog seemed to talk about it as it included brands like fisherman which makes amps for guitars, which they review on a regular basis.


While CBM is an especially powerful tool to combat business method patent assertions, it can be tough for small companies to cope-up in the long run.

“The death of small companies means, the death of common man”, Thakoni, reported.

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