Small Details in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are some tiny details in Animal Crossing New Horizons you may not notice, these details possibly help you earn more ACNH items and even bells in the game.

Small Details in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Small Details in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you send Celeste a zodiac start fragment, she will inform you about it in the same way that Blathers will inform you about an insect or a fish. This is a feature that is easy to overlook, but once you start using it, you can find it to be extremely useful. You can play with sparklers now that the game includes fireworks, but you aren’t alone. Your villagers can use sparklers as well, but not just at the festival; they can use them at any time on the island, even throughout the day if they have one.

While we’re on the subject of villagers, you might not be aware that they wear a special ACNH outfit during the Fishing Tourney and the Bug Off. These outfits are only worn during these occasions, and for some villagers, this is one of the few times they will be seen wearing a hat, as every villager will be wearing one. Villagers, like your character, leave footprints in the sand, and the type of creature they are determines which footprints they leave. Birds and cats leave distinctive fingerprints, and even octopi leave sucker marks. And roaming NPCs like Saharah, who leaves camel hoof prints, and Celeste, who leaves little owl prints, leave footprints.

Nintendo that was a kind gesture. This is a basic detail for Flora. You may have noted that she is surrounded by decorative flamingos if you have her as a villager when you reach her home. This is due to the fact that flamingos prefer to live in groups, not just with their mate but also with their mates. Basically, they just want to hang out with their friends, so Flora is a little homesick and trying to make herself feel more at ease. Flora is an ostrich villager, but her style is based on a flamingo, which is a little strange. Since Sprocket is a robot, he makes metal noises as he walks, which is another detail for a particular villager.

Isabelle would not be inside the Resident Services building during the fireworks festival, so if you want to sit in the seat in front of her desk, nothing will happen. Tom Nook will totally disregard you and will not even inform you that Isabelle is not present. This is just a funny thing I found while playing that reminds me of real life: are you in the wrong section? It is not a concern for you. Often, you’ll probably find that at least one of your villagers isn’t outside watching the fireworks throughout the festival, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see what’s going on. During the festival, if you enter a villager’s home or a building, the firework lights will flash through the windows and illuminate the space you’re standing in. While I was having a conversation with Velma, Roald’s house turned green.

Another interesting feature is that the moon in the game moves through the sky, reflecting the moonlight. It should also be in the same process as it is in real life in the game. Even if it’s two days late, it’s still a good touch that they made an effort to be accurate! You may perform a ceremony after putting Animal Crossing New Horizons items around the island, but Tom Nook will sometimes make a comment on where you’ve put these items.