Shipping Beverages: Helpful Tips and Life Hacks 



How do you think what do chemical corporations, supermarkets, and medical institutions have in common? They all have to deal with liquid shipping. Although the type of liquid is different, the process is equally challenging. There are lots of considerations you have to take into account.

Liquid or beverage transportation has its own peculiarities. Thus, it’s of prime importance to create the necessary temperature conditions. There are 5  five temperature standards the most of logistics brokers have to follow. When it comes to shipping pharmaceutical goods like vaccines, the optimal degrees are up to 46 Fahrenheit. As for the soda shipping,  it is best served at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When delivering soda, the biggest thing is to not subject the drinks to big swings in temperature.

The next crucial aspect is proper packaging. Depending on whether the liquid is in glass bottles, plastic bottles, or cans, and how it is pre-packaged, it will have an effect on how much care to take in packing them during transportation. It’s necessary not only to pack all the items, but you also have to select perfect containers and secure them. It’s a good idea to label such shipments as fragile.

By the way, it’s also necessary to provide perfect warehousing conditions for this type of cargo. The right choice of storage space allows you to avoid the flavor loss of definite types of beverages.

If you need to transport beverages but do not want to cope with difficulties, it’s a good idea to hire professional logistics brokers who are to fulfill your order in no time. You are to consider all the strengths of available carriers in order to make the right choice. Thus, you have to consider the following criteria:

  • The coverage area.

There are both local and international freight forwarders who deal with beverage transportation. You are to choose the one that meets the needs of your business.

  • Available trucks and the possibility to use other modes of transportation.

Refrigerated trucks are a must when it comes to liquid transportation. Especially it’s of prime importance for areas with high average temperatures. At the same time, you are to realize that trucks are not the only possible way to transport beverages. You are to experience train or plane modes, too.

  • The speed of work.

Depending on your needs and expectations, you may count on versatile services by modern carriers. If your aim is to deliver beverages and liquids as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to order the option of expedited shipping. It allows you to receive the cargo within two days or even faster.

There is one more important aspect of liquid delivery. It’s necessary to prepare all the papers and documents in the right way. There are freight delivery companies that are ready to complete this task for you. They are to organize the whole process of transportation – from start to finish.

To sum it up, it’s worth highlighting that shipping beverages is not an easy task. It’s almost impossible to cope with it without professional assistance unless you have the corresponding skills and experience.