Review the Top Phone Lookup for Android



Today various software applications are popularly used to lookup on the android phones of the kids, employees as well as family members to now their activities on their phone. These lookup apps can help you to track the calls as well as messages sent and received on the target phones without being noticed by their users.

The increasing use of Smartphones and the internet by the youngsters as well as grown-up people have increased the risk of the misuse of these communication devices.

Usually, people start using their android devices for unproductive works like chatting with their friends and sharing audio and video files and accessing the websites that are not suitable for them.

In such a condition, parents as well as employers have it use lookup apps to keep an eye on the usage of android phones by their kids and employees.

The information provided here under will introduce you with the best phone lookup for android.

What are modern lookup programs?

At present several modern lookup programs are available including Cerberus, Hoverwatch, FlexiLOOKUP, Snoopza, Family Link from Google, Kiddie Parental Control, Google Find My Device, Lookupera, Prey Anti Theft, XNLOOKUP, OEM Find My Phone apps, and Carrier family locator apps, etc.

All of these applications are known for their features.

On what platform can lookupware work?

Most of the lookup apps can work effectively on PC, Mac, and other devices running on operating systems like iOS, Windows, or Android.

Why on Android the lookupware can work online?

Tool Review

Tool Review

The lookupware work online on an android device because it has to track the online actions on that phone. It can record the incoming as well as outgoing calls and text, audio, and video messages in real-time which cannot be possible unless the target, as well as observing devices, are connected to the internet.

Snoopza is an available lookup for Android phones

Snoopza is one of the best phone lookup apps available for android devices these days. It can allow you to track the online activities of the user of the target phone.

Snoopza free Functionality

Snoopza is a free phone tracker app that allows you to find out the location of the monitored phone, record calls, control the camera, view text messages, screenshots, activities on the internet, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype, etc.

However, you can use some of its functionality for free including:

Track Calls

Snoopza permits you to track the incoming and outgoing calls from the phone you are monitoring through it.

Manage SMS

It also allows you to monitor and manage the text, audio, and video messages received and sent from the target phone.

Track Internet History

You can also track the usage of the internet from the phone monitored by you by using Snoopza. It will allow you to know the website visited form that phone along with its date and time of visiting it.


Tool Review

Tool Review

This lookup app will allow you to know the geographic location of the phone under surveillance.

The paid version of Snoopza

Snoopza android phone tracker app includes basic functionalities along with certain advanced functionalities like:

Record Calls

It allows you to record the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone.

Lookup Facebook

You can also track the text, video, and audio messages sent and received through this platform.

Lookup Viber

The activities of the user of the objective phone on the Viber social platform can be tracked with this app.

Lookup Snapchat

The text, audio and video messages shared through this platform can also be monitored through this lookupware.

Lookup WhatsApp

Snoopza can also track the performance on this social platform.

Check Contacts

It also allows you to check the contact list of the target phone.


It creates a screenshot of the phone’s screen whenever something is typed on it.

Track To-do List

You can also see the to-do list of the user of the phone monitored by you by using this app.

Track Camera

This lookup app also allows you to see the photos clicked by the phone’s camera.

Stealth Mode

It is the feature of this app that keeps you hidden while lookup on the target android phone.

Detect Replacement of SIM card

Snoopza can also alert you if the SIM card of the phone under surveillance is replaced by its user.

Can I detect Snoopza on my phone?

It is not easy to detect the installation of Snoopza on your phone as it works in the background. Still, there are certain indications that can help you to know that your phone is being spied.

These indications can include the significantly slow speed of processing, slow speed of the network, overconsumption of data and/or reduced life of the battery, etc.

You can also use an antilookupware to detect the presence of Snoopza on your phone

How affordable is the price for a Snoopza application?

Snoopza is a considerably affordable lookup application as some of its basic functions can be used free of cost where the monthly cost of using its paid functions is as low as $14.95 and $99.95 is its annual fee.

You will have to install this app on both phones, your phone as well as the phone you want to monitor. Once you install it on both phones, you can start monitoring the target phone without being noticed by its user.

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy of Snoopza allows you to use its basic version for free. It allows you to track calls, manage SMS, track geolocation, and track internet history.

PlanBasic PlanStandard
1 monthFree$14.95
1 yearFree$99.95

Its Standard version is paid for which you will have to pay a monthly fee of $14.95 and for a year $99.95.

Conclusions and results

After putting up with the information provided in this write-up one can conclude easily that Snoopza is the top phone lookup for Android. It permits you to monitor the phone of your kids as well as employees to know how they are using their android phones.

You can ensure the safety and security of your kids or employees by using the Snoopza lookup app to know their location as well as the detail of their contacts etc.