3 Different Methods To Resize A Watch Bracelet And How To Do It

Resize A Watch Bracelet

Resize A Watch Bracelet

A brand new watch comes with a different bracelet size. It’s either too big or too small. It is quite annoying if it moves around with your arm. It is more frustrating if it gets scratches without you noticing it.

Get the right wrist watch size. Bring it to a professional watchmaker or better yet mod that Seiko watch yourself. Believe that you can resize a watch bracelet on your own. There are three different but easy methods to do it. Let us walk you through how to do it properly.

Tools To Resize A Watch Bracelet

Gather all the needed tools to get your bracelet size.

Block And Hammer

The most professional tool. It has

  • Blocks – series of cut-outs; lines and crevices with different width.
  • Hammer – nylon and metal on each side. Both are soft for hammering against the watch.
  • Punches – 3 pieces with different diameters.

Bracelet Vise

The best pin pushing device on a budget. The clamp screws and unscrews the bracelet’s pin until it goes in or out. Extra pins are available at the bottom for swapping bent vise’s pins.


Keeps the workspace clean. It avoids scratches on the watch and surface.


It protects the watch from any marks like fingerprints.


Pulls the pin the rest of the way out of the pinhole.

Spring Bar Tools

The most basic tool. It has two different ends: the forked end removes spring bars on the strap, and the push-pin end flips around and is used for smaller work.

Choose the most accessible tool for you. Decide if it’s the block and hammer, bracelet vise, and spring bar tools. If you have these tools, you are ready.

Steps To Resize A Watch Bracelet Using The 3 Different Methods

A quick way to adjust the watch bracelet is at the clasp. Look over the fold-over clasp and check the four sets of holes. Move the end link pin to the farthest – gives a fairly wide range. It only makes micro-adjustment, and not all watches have this. For a better fit, use any of the three methods below.

  1. Determine the fit you need

Fit the watch. Figure out how many links to take out or put in. Keep the clasp centered at the bottom of the wrist. Stagger each side so the watch head won’t flap around.

  1. Prepare the workspace

Work on a flat surface. If a piece falls out, be careful not to let it roll up to the floor.

  1. Remove the links

Use any of the three different methods to resize a watch bracelet.

Spring Bar Tools: Flip the watch over and look at the links. A link with an arrow at the center is a removable link. Place the bracelet with the arrows down. The bracelet’s pin is a one-way pin. The head (slot) is large at one end and small (tip) at the other.

Take the push-pin end of the tool. Push in the slot with arrows. Links without arrows are permanent – cannot be removed. Push it firmly until the pin pops out. Do the same on the other pin that is going to be removed.

Bracelet Vise: Open the vise all the way. See the links arrow’s direction and identify the link to be removed. Slide the bracelet around until the pin sticks in the hole. Tighten the screw slowly until the bracelet is against the other side. Look through and see where the pin is going to come out. Once sure it is properly aligned, tighten the vise more until it pops out. Screw it as far as it goes to push the pin further. Repeat the same procedure to the other pin to be removed.

Bracelet Vise is small and handy. It is easy to apply too much force. Wrong pin alignment can bend the pin in the vise.

Block and Hammer: Open the watch bracelet for an easier fit. Lay the bracelet inside where it fits. Place it with the arrow down. It opens at the bottom in various places. Wind the punches at the pins’ slot to be removed. Take the hammer (metal) and give a gentle knock. Once the pin is out, pull the rest out with pliers. Do the same again on the next link to be removed.

  1. Put it back together

Assemble the bracelet again after you removed or added the links as you want it. Follow these steps according to the tools used.

Spring Bar Tools: Once it falls out, put the bracelet back together. Check the arrows first. For insertion, use the opposite direction of the arrows. Stick the pin to the link. Once it goes in, shove it with the spring bar tool and lock in place.

Bracelet Vise: Put the bracelet’s pin back with the vise. Align the screw with the bracelet hole. Wind it ‘til it reaches the other end.

Block and Hammer: Assemble the links again. Find the direction of the arrows. Install it backward. Get the other end, and put it together. Pop the pin in and feel around. Slide it through to lock together. Use the hammer (nylon) to knock the small end sticking out and lock in place.

There are different ways to size the bracelet. Use fine adjustments or any of the three methods. What’s more important is that you’re comfortable doing it and you’re getting the fit you need. If you doubt yourself, bring it to a watchmaker.

The do-it-yourself tools for modifying watch parts like the ceramic bezel insert or the crystal glass are affordable and easy to use. Save time and money. Resize a standard pin bracelet watch without paying a watchmaker.