PUBG New State: Download it Free on PC

PUBG world expands this time with PUBG New State. It is the most hyped game that takes on the massively multiplayer genre. It is the sequel of the popular battle royale game, PUBG: Mobile. PUBG New State features a futuristic theme. Players can use drones, hybrid cars, combat rolls, and more.

The pre-registration of PUBG New State is on its way. The new game will bring new stories and characters into the PUBG world. Furthermore, It still has the title of PUBG. You can play it like the previous games. You will get dropped onto the map. Then you have to pave your way towards victory. 

PUBG New State

PUBG New State

Under the umbrella of PUBG, you can mark it as the third battle royale game. It presents to shake up the formula of PUBG games. You will get in-game customization to modify your weapons within a match. This function has a resemblance with Apex Legends’ weapon attachments. 

It has ultra-realistic graphics. Its graphics push and surpass the limits of mobile gaming. New State crosses the standards of mobile gaming with Global Illumination technology. This technology offers a battle royale experience to its players by making big promises.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State is developed by PUBG Studio. PlayerUnknown’s battleground is the company that is behind it. The versions of the original game are for the PC and the Console.

There is good news. You can pre-register yourself for PUBG New State through the Google Play store. It can help you to take more and more benefits from the game.

Android Emulators are going popular day by day. The reason is the increase in battle royale games like PUBG New State. If you want to experience mobile games on your PC, a free Android Emulator can offer you the best process.

battle royale games like PUBG

battle royale games like PUBG

There are several Android Emulators that claim their quality. But it is a fact that not all of these stand up as they are promising. That is why many times you have to face difficulty in finding any proper Android Emulator. If you are going through the same problem, look no more. You can use LDPlayer that is the best free Android Emulator.

LDPlayers has two versions. 

  • LDPlayer 3.0
  • LDPlayer 4.0.

LDPlayer 3.0 can run Android 5.1. On the other hand, LDPlayer 4.0 is an upgraded version. Both of these versions run games quite efficiently. They bring your game to whole a new level. It is an excellent platform to play games like PUBG New State.



The great aspect of LDPlayer is that you can make your own choice on how much RAM and CPU you want to allocate for the emulator. Moreover, you can play games at the fullest resolution of 1080p, which would be pretty great.

There are numerous features in LDPlayer that can be very helpful in gaining an actual competitive edge over your competitors. The high-resolution graphics of LDPlayer at 60fps definitely make you assume like you are playing a PC game. But in reality, it is a mobile game that is running on your PC. Furthermore, the actual interface of the LDPlayer Android Emulator user is to offer things perfectly, easier, and more appealing way.

You can download PUBG New State on PC by using the following steps:

First, you have to download a desired version of the LDPlayer from the official website of LDPlayer.

 Now, you will run the downloaded .exe file and follow the installation process of requirement. 

When you find that the installation process is completed, you can launch LDPlayer on your PC. 

Now, you can click on the Google Play Store and search for PUBG New State that you want to download. It is just like you do on your mobile.

If you want to download and play PUBG: New State on PC, You have to follow these steps:

First, you have to download the LDPlayer installer on your desktop.

Then run the installer and complete the setup.

Now you will open LDPlayer and search PUBG: NEW STATE on the search bar.

It is time to install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

Once you complete the installation, click the game icon to launch the game and enjoy.

Download LDPlayer

Download LDPlayer

The final thoughts about PUBG New State are that it has a lot of resemblances with PUBG Mobile. However, there are differences as well. For example, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and more that create the difference. Although PUBG New State has cemented its place amongst gaming legends with its futuristic introduction. 

LDPlayer enhances the charm of PUBG New State more when you use it as an Android Emulator. That is why it brings your game to the next level of perfection. The great aspect of LDPlayer is that you can make your own choice on how much RAM and CPU you want to allocate for the emulator.