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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

We prepared this article Instagram marketing campaigns for brands will be presented. Inspired by these examples, you can prepare your own marketing campaign and start achieving your targeted results.

1. Create an Instagram Hashtag Strategy

With the arrival of the shadow ban feature in 2020, Instagram hashtags have been a subject of great controversy. Accounts receiving Shadow ban do not appear under the hashtags they add. Despite its shadow ban feature, hashtags are an effective tool for your content to be discovered by more people. Creating a solid Instagram hashtag strategy should be a top priority for any brand that wants to get more engagement from Instagram.

It is very important to think of hashtags as a category. Where do you
want your content to be published? If you own an e-commerce brand that
sells sunglasses, it is of course useful to use popular hashtags on
Instagram suitable for your industry to reach customers interested in
buying your products.

In addition, Instagram’s algorithm pays more attention to specific and relevant hashtags. This becomes even more important as it is now possible to follow hashtags on Instagram. Be sure to add specific special hashtags to your content that describe your brand, the purpose of your account, your target audience, and your location, rather than general hashtags such as #love, #food, #beauty. Hashtags are a great way to get more likes organically instead of buying Instagram likes.

2. Organize an Instagram Contest or Sweepstakes

Organizing an Instagram contest or raffle; It is one of the most fun and easy strategies you can use to increase your visibility on Instagram and promote your brand.

If you are looking for an effective idea for your Instagram contest, you may want to consider partnering with another brand or influencer. Thanks to the partnership, you can reach the audience of the person or brand you are partnering with, so it becomes simpler to expand the audience of your brand.

To establish partnerships, start identifying cool brands suitable for your brand. Set your contest to last 3-5 days. People who follow both brands in your contest and tag their friends in the comments have the chance to win the prizes you have previously determined with your partner.

The proven Instagram contest formula is as follows:

  • Partner with brands or influencers that have a similar market and target audience with your brand
  • Identify rewards that will excite your followers
  • If you have partnered with an influencer, ask them to organize your contest in their own account.
  • If you have partnered with another brand, decide among you who will host the competition.

Identify the winning account or accounts after your Instagram contest is over. When the contest is over, you will see a huge increase in your Instagram followers. But if conducting the contests doesn’t help you achieve your goals, Buy Followers for Instagram from a trusted service provider. But that doesn’t mean you’re done. You should pay attention to the needs of your newly acquired followers and include them in your community. Otherwise, you risk losing your new followers.

3. Announce Your New Products or Services via Instagram Live

Many brands don’t dare to use the Instagram Live feature. Broadcasting live on Instagram is seen as a pretty scary situation for many users. While you have the opportunity to share previously recorded videos in Instagram stories, when you make a mistake in Live, you cannot shoot video again because the broadcast is live in real time.

However, Instagram Live is an incredibly valuable tool for brands and should be used. When you manage to use Instagram Live correctly, you will have an important platform to bring new followers to your account, increase your interaction rates and reach your higher marketing goals. This is exactly why Instagram Live has become a moving trend lately. Brands are now using Instagram’s live streaming feature to promote their new products.

To take advantage of this strategy in your live broadcasts, choose a product that has not been released yet but has great excitement and mystery around it, and share a little detail about this product during the broadcast. You can even do this by spreading it over a few days or weeks. Provide only one piece of information about the product in each publication, and thus increase the enthusiasm and curiosity towards the product as time goes on. Your mystery-filled product will drive your followers crazy in a positive way.

After your broadcast is over, ask your followers to subscribe to your site to learn more about the product. When you use this approach, you add privilege to the live broadcast and create a desire in your followers to fulfill your request as soon as possible. Because this offer is exclusive to your live stream, and people who missed your broadcast after the broadcast will not be able to hear this offer. Because of the limited time, people who hear about the campaign will want to hurry. Thus, the number of new members added to your site increases.

If you wish, you can also share your Instagram Live broadcast on Instagram stories to access even more people. All you have to do is press the “share” button after your broadcast is finished. Thus, your finished broadcast will be published in stories for 24 hours. Of course, if you want, it is also possible to keep this post on your profile forever by adding highlights.

Well, have you tried these marketing methods before? What results did you get? If you hosted an Instagram contest, are there any tips you would like to share with our readers?