New! 6 Professional Food Bikes For Sale

Professional Food Bikes

Professional Food Bikes

Do you want a good quality food cart that’s reasonably priced? For people who want to start street food businesses at low start-up costs, food carts are a common choice. They are much simpler, easier to move and to run than food trucks and are suitable for use in busy urban areas and the selling of a large variety of foodstuffs. We have seen increasing demand and success ever since we started making them, leading us to improve and expand our food cart line continuously.

Some people say that as a direct consequence of the steadily rising economy, the street food trend is growing. Time is a factor, too. More and more people are searching for reasonable, quick, and tasty breakfasts and lunches.

Welcome to buy Jxcycle ‘s leading bike brand mobile food bikes. It is a completely operational, mobile food service station, you can use it to sell street food or beverages. The bicycles are classified as food cart. Jxcycle is the perfect option if you choose to purchase food bikes. We do have hot dog bicycles for sale, please email us to meet the requests of our customers.

Choosing your menus, suppliers and concept

The main street food stall days are gone. Many street food vendors are not selling food today; they are selling a concept. Regardless of whether they are food carts, concession carts or trucks, the most popular street food businesses have themes or concepts that are still reflected in all their elements: design, branding, menus and recipes. Your concept should be a way to differentiate you and develop your target audience from your competition. And even the media will attract attention to your company if you do it properly. This leads to menu planning. Choosing the food you prepare and sell may be an enjoyable task, and looking at the carts, trailers and trucks on the streets, you’ll see that almost anything edible can be served on the street. In terms of menu planning there are also other factors to consider, for example:

  • What foods you know how to cook?
  • What are the foods you enjoy cooking?
  • What are the most popular foods in your surroundings?
  • What foods have a good profit margin?
  • How many items will your menu have?
  • Will, there be only one menu or will you have different menus for different days of the week?
  • Who will be the supplier of the ingredients you are going to use?

6 Best Reasonable Food Bikes for Sale

Food bikes are a modern concept for food trucks, and is much easier and quicker than a restaurant to run.

Entrepreneurs use their food bike to bring their products to customers. The consumers also use these Food Bikes to review goods and distribution brands and become promotional timers. It has more options

The production Food Bike does have a long history of Jxcycles. We have developed custom-designed a wide range of Food Bikes for hot dog bikes, coffee bikes, ice cream bikes, tea bikes, and BBQ bikes.

We’ll roll your business!

  1. The Hot Dog Cart

A powerhouse all season is one of our most famous food carts for sale. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, can be operated as a pushcart, and can be towed by an electric bike. For Hot Dog business, this is the best food bike.

  1. BBQ cart

You have this cart for yourself if you’re a BBQ Master or a hamburger whiz. It contains an LPG fuel BBQ Grill, a sink, and triple ingredient stainless steel containers – all you need to cook like a true Street Chef.

  1. Crepe Cart

We have designed Crepe Cart, equipped with a professional crepes vendor for those who wish to take delicacies in French cuisine to the streets of their city.

  1. Ice Cream Cart

The Ice Cream Cart is ideal for the indoor and outdoor frozen treatments, for private parties and activities, and is fitted with 98 liters of freezer, solar panels and a 12-V pack.

  1. Coffee Cart

Our coffee cart was created by the creative baristas who want to share their coffee specialties with the planet. The industrial coffee bruising devices such as the dual-fuel espresso fracino and the grinder baratza can be supplied on demand.

  1. Beverages Cart

As the names state, our Beverage Cart is meant to deliver alcoholic and non-alcoholic products of all kinds of arrangements on location. We may also install equipment including beverage dealers and internal recipients, built-in beer bottles, electric juicer, or coolers in the cart.