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NBA 2K21 Beginner Guide – Shooting, Dribbling And More NBA 2K21 Tips

NBA 2K21 Beginner Guide

NBA 2K21 Beginner Guide

NBA 2K is one of the most popular games throughout the whole world. Meanwhile, NBA 2K MT And VC are the game currencies that act an important role in NBA. If you new to NBA 2K21, don’t know what to start with, keep reading this beginner guide to show you how to play NBA 2K21 correctly.

NBA 2K21 Beginner Guide – Shooting, Dribbling And More NBA 2K21 Tips

When you first get the game you should go to 2k u and you should learn everything that 2k has to offer. A lot of times 2k will make tweaks to the gameplay, you don’t want to miss out on anything. You can go through all of these little sections, you can press leave right on the d-pad and then scroll up or down, then it’ll give you all of the controls. At least go through one thing that you find interested, it will teach you a lot of practical skills.

  1. Shooting

The first thing that’s new in NBA K2K21 is the shot meter. You can use the pro stick. If you use the pro stick with the shot meter, you hold down on the stick and you have to center in your shot. In 2k14, it is a little bit hard to get your shot in the center, when you hold back on the stick. It does not always start in

the center even if you hold it straight perfectly back. So you need to make adjustments while you’re in your shooting motion which is more prominent. It’s going to be a little bit harder to shoot, if you are a lower three-point rating or if you’re in a cold zone.

Pro Stick/Shot Stick/Square Button For Shooting

The first portion of it if you use the pro stick, the second portion of it is that you can still also time your shots. The ways you can do this you can press r2 l2 or you can release your stick to neutral so you can press down on the stick center in your shot. When the timing is right-clicked l2 and it adds a little bit extra to your shot. This is the best way to shoot. If you do it correctly you will have the highest three-point percentage and you get a couple of boosts for lining your shot up, another boost for timing your shot. So for any builds that are not shoot very well. This the best tip for you. What’s more, you should be trying to use the shot stick, especially if it’s not too hard of a learning curve to learn.   If you want to use the square button that is still available, it will just fill the mirror up like previous years. Although it looks a little bit different, it’s just a swinging bar that goes across the whole meter.

  1. Dribbling

Dribbling it’s pretty simple. You can hold the thick in pretty much any direction besides the back. That is what is new to do extra drilling moves and it gives you guys a lot more freedom. Moreover, it’s nice to spam moves up pretty easily.

  1. Triple Threat

People who play pro-am a lot on corner build, usually flick the stick and don’t really know what they’re doing. For these people, you can go through all of this um experiment with triple threat styles and you can equip them in your career mode.

Above all, these NBA 2K21 shooting tips and dribbling tips are giving yourself a refresher. If you need NBA 2K21 MT for sale, go to with instant delivery and cheapest price.