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Nautilus Collection: 9 Luxury Sport Timepieces  For Watch Enthusiast

Nautilus Collection: 9 Luxury Sport Timepieces  For Watch Enthusiast

Nautilus Collection: 9 Luxury Sport Timepieces  For Watch Enthusiast

This legendary Patek Philippe Nautilus is an iconic watch wherein the sooner that you’ve heard or thought about it, it leaves you in awe, and the impression gets more intense whenever you finally see it. Right, the most remarkable thing is also that you put Patek Philippe through your wrist, and you will not regret the extreme sheer astonishment of this Watch.

This brand was established in 1976 and became a renowned brand. All watch enthusiasts look forward to every model that this brand will release because of its undeniably stunning creations. The watch industry’s need for innovation in creating new timepieces to withstand the market condition is where Patek Philippe came to life.

Get To Know The History Of This Brand

The era was dominated by Quartz that led to a downturn throughout the Swiss section of the watch market. Patek Philippe had been struggling. However, his contemporary and rival Audemars Piguet obtained an AP Royal Oak – a luxurious sports watch. The latter wanted to do something with it, and this is when the Patek Nautilus was born.

It had to be an innovation throughout the PP watch series, and they have never made a piece that could have been considered a sports watch – what they designed was just a plain watch only. The Patek Philippe Nautilus had been a gem made from stainless steel but had a big case.

Sure, such a ship’s portholes are portrayed to provide a rounded form; the Watch is attempting to show a similar oval shape. It will not require the vision of an eagle to recognize that the case of the Patek Philippe watch is a smoothed octagon, and even the two ears which can be seen on the Nautilus watch case seem identical with the openings of windows also on submarines.

The history of the brand is something that we can all be inspired by how it survived a crisis to its success. We can say that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. This is a great story that all people can relate to. Well, there’s the real opportunity in every triumph. 

Discover some of the Nautilus collection that you can choose from:

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-010 Men’s Watch

This watch model from Patek Philippe will surely catch everyone’s attention. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant watch, this will surely be one of your favorites. The unique teak wood design on its dials is inspired by a boat deck and has a different porthole. The case is made from steel that will guarantee you for more prolonged use.

The Watch has a silver-toned color that will surely match your corporate look. Aside from those who work more in waters, this is ideal for men as sales professionals or people in business. It has a blue dial that has no numeral on it, adding to its sophisticated look. Suitable for those who love to swim because this Watch is water-resistant for 120 meters.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1R-010 Ladies Watch

Many women love rose gold-toned watches as it complements their everyday casual look and can match any skin color. This Watch will surely make everyone stand when you wear this on your wrist. Aside from that, this Watch features an 18ct rose gold for its case material and has an automatic movement.

If you give this a gift to your wife, they will surely be happy with the simple yet sophisticated look. This is also water-resistant for 60 meters and ideal for those who love swimming. Same with other Nautilus models, the dial is inspired in a boat deck and has no numerals.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A-001Men’s Watch

One of the best models of the Nautilus collection, this Watch will surely be one of the favorites for watch enthusiasts. It features a stainless steel case for durability and comes in a silver-toned color. This also has a 48-hour power reserve that you can use for adventures like hiking or climbing. 

Its blue-toned dial compliments the silver case and bracelet of this Watch, adding to its exquisite look. This has an hour, minutes, and small seconds indicator visible. You will also enjoy this if you love the beach because this Watch is water-resistant for 60 meters. The oval shape case just adds elegance to the overall look of this model.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R-001Men’s Watch

Another watch for men from the Nautilus collection that you will surely love. This Watch features a rose gold-toned case if you prefer a safer color to match your skin color. Unlike gold-toned watches that are so flashy, rose gold-toned is a much more cool-toned version. The model is made from stainless steel.

The dial is brown and has sticks and dots on its indexes. This model was released in 2015, but the features of this Watch match the contemporary lifestyle. It also has 29 jewels and a power reserve of 45 hours. If you also love extreme water sports, you may use it as water-resistant for 120meters submerged in water.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A-001Men’s Watch

The contemporary look of this Watch is ideal for those who love wearing casual or formal outfits. If you’re a salesman dealing with significant business transactions, it will also add an aura that you’re here just for business. The black alligator material for its bracelet gives a sleek look to this model.

It features a stainless steel material for its case and has a transparent case at the back where you can see its mechanism. The color of its dial is black, and it has luminous hands. It has a power reserve of 35-45 hours. This model was released in 2010. You will also enjoy this Watch for water sports because it is water-resistant for 120 meters.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1R-001 Men’s Watch

Another rose gold-toned Watch that we will surely love to wear. The Watch was released in 2013. Its dial is black and has luminous hands. This model features a 55 hours power reserve and 35 jewels. The combination of its colors just complements each other resulting in a sophisticated look and brilliant look.

Like others on this collection, this model features simple and classic designs that people will surely love. Many of us don’t like a flashy design for our timepieces as it might not match your everyday look. This has a transparent case on its back where you can see its construction.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1A-010 Ladies Watch

Other ladies watch that will catch everyone’s eye. The design of this Watch is simple yet sophisticated. It features a stainless steel material in a silver-tone. It has a power reserve of 45 hours. The case is oval and features a sapphire crystal at the back for scratch-resistant.

If you love silver-toned watches, this one is ideal for you. It has a white dial and gold indexes and numerals with luminous coating. This model is water-resistant for 60 meters and can be used when on the beach. You will surely love the simplicity of this design and the reliability of its material.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-011Men’s Watch

This model from the Nautilus collection was released in 2012. It features a silver-toned case and has a transparent back. The size of this Watch is 40mm in diameter and 8.3mm in height. What will strike you most is this Watch’s color, overall silver-toned from its bracelet to its dial.

It has a 35-45 hours power reserve that will match your active lifestyle without any worries, especially if you love hiking. This Watch is water-resistant for 120 meters and can also be worn in water activities. If you plan on giving this to someone as a gift, they will surely love its overall look.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time 5990/1A-001 Men’s Watch

If Patek Philippe 5090/1A-001 isn’t available, the whole collection will never be complete. This luxury piece comes from the brand’s famous collection, the Nautilus, which is sold for 12,756,637 yen on an online shopping site. Its bracelet is made out of stainless steel and also has a cushion-shaped case with a transparent back.

This Nautilus wrist watch measures 40 meters in thickness and is ideal for any wrists. It features a stunning black dial with stick-like indices, luminescent hands and added 12-hour hand, night, and day markers, and two sub-dials for the day. Its other features of such a watch are the 34 jewels, including its 120-meter waterproof.


The Nautilus series of Patek Philippe, changing the sports timepiece, first introduced in 1976 to complement the much more active lifestyle. This series, featuring octagonal structures and horizontal engraved dials, is brilliantly made with quality materials through proper precautions and accuracy.

If you’re looking for a watch that will match your active lifestyle, you can never choose the Patek Philippe Nautilus collections. This timepiece is worth every money spent with its quality and sophisticated designs that everyone loves.