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Myths about getting your Carpets Cleaned in Winters

Carpets Cleaner

Carpets Cleaner

Yes, you can definitely get your carpets cleaned during the winter season. However, there are some myths doing rounds about why you shouldn’t get your carpets cleaned in the winter. Let’s take a look at the talks and know why these don’t stand true!

Myth 1: The carpet will not dry because you cannot open doors and windows

This is not true and in fact, an argument can be done considering the exact opposite. During the summer, it often gets humid and this in some cases increases the drying time. During the winter, the air isn’t humid and the furnace is turned on to pump out warm air. Those people who live in Edmonton, they can expect their carpets to dry in just 6 to 8 hours.

Myth 2: The door needs to stay open when the carpet is being cleaned and it will get freezing cold inside

At Canada Clean Home, our professional carpet cleaner truck mounted units for carpet cleaning, so yes the door will be open for some time. But surely our carpet cleaners don’t want to work in the freezing cold either so we take additional time to set up. There are door cozies sited on the door which helps in closing the gaps around the hose so that the door is just opened as much as needed for the hoses to come inside.

Myth 3: Getting your carpets cleaned in the winter is pointless because all the snow and mud will dirty it again

This is true, but it is true for all the seasons. If you wear muddy boots and shoes in the house, your carpets will definitely get dirty. But if you keep your entryways clean and keep an additional door mat at the entrance, then your shoes will not bring dirt and mud in the house.

Apart from this, it is important that you don’t just clean your carpet when they are visibly dirty, but you clean them because of the invisible pollutants and pathogens which lie grounded into it. They especially build up during winters and hurt your indoor air quality. Hence, it is important to get it cleaned as soon as possible, especially when a lot of people are stuck at home for several days.

Myth 4: You will get delayed scheduling

During spring, professional carpet cleaners get extremely busy as they have pre-set appointments to get rid of water buildup. However, that buildup remains all through the cold season and when you make an appointment during the winters, it is easier to schedule for carpet cleaning. Waiting till the last time to get your carpets cleaned is an unwise decision as you may not be able to schedule an appointment for weeks during peak season. Getting your carpets cleaned in the winter will help you avoid the rush when getting your carpets freshened up.

So, now that all your myths are busted, you can definitely hire a carpet cleaner to get your carpet cleaned during long Edmonton winters. Fill a form and schedule an appointment now!