Must-Have Tips On HVAC Maintenance; Course 101



Here’s what happens when your air conditioners, heaters, and ventilators are highly maintained;

  • You save money on untimely, costly replacement
  • You improve the efficiency of your HVAC, thereby improving your livelihood
  • A well-maintained HVAC can cut your energy bill in half
  • Avoid electrical accidents and injuries…

So to speak, if you want the most budget-friendly but yet most effective tips on how to maintain your HVAC systems, you are in the right place.

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Tip 1; Check For Leaks

This is especially important for the longevity of both your AC and ventilation systems that are more prone to leak. So it makes sense to inspect all supply ducts and cabinets for any sign of damage. An indicator can be some worn-out screws or even the slightest scratch in an evaporator coil. Other than on the condenser line of your AC, leaks on a heat exchanger can cause your systems to run harder, exploding your power bill, or it can lead to system malfunctions. Therefore, and doing so ever 6 months, make the needful patches and coil replacement wherever and whenever needed right in time.

Tip 2; Check And Fix Corrosion

Wiring plus moisture sums up to corrosion. More likely, no matter how much insulation is being used around the wires they end up in contact with moisture. And just like leaks, corroded cables can cause your HVAC system to switch on and off on its own, work harder than needed, or even fault out unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s recommended to schedule an annual check for corrosion. In most cases, a corroded cable will need to be replaced when it’s just beyond repair.

Tip 3; Clear Debris

Bags of dust and debris always find their way into homes. Either from your shoes or through the windows. They then end up trapped in the decks of your ventilators and air conditioners, which in turn blow built-up dust and allergens into your home, affecting your air quality. A regular, say weekly or monthly, clearing of decks, filters, and other parts susceptible to dust can be done with your vacuum cleaner or a special dust blower.

HVAC maintenance

HVAC maintenance

Tip 4; Replace Air Filter Regularly

While the importance of changing your HVAC system is obvious, there’s a lot of controversies around how often the replacement should be done. Well, here are some of the experts’ opinions. First one, if your home or office is in a less dense environment, change your filters once at the beginning of every cooling season and again at the beginning o every hot season. On the other hand, for residents of industrial environments, HVAC filters replacements should be done more frequently as you’re more open to smokes and dust. Another nugget though, never replace a previous filter with a HEPA filter or one that doesn’t have the same airflow rating as the previous one.

Tip 5; Clean The Surrounding Area

Every day, cleaning the area of your HVAC should be a part of your home maintenance.