Most Useful Tools for Writing Academic Papers

For every task, there are tools one needs to be efficient. Writing calls for the same approach. It will help if you arm yourself with the right tools to deliver a great academic paper. You can spend hours looking for writing tips for students but still fall short because you lack apt tools to deliver. So, here are examples of tools for writing academic papers. 

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a crime, and even though incarceration will not befall you, you may end up with expulsion. Schools consider plagiarism a great violation of their rules. They expect you to deliver original content on all your academic papers. This means you need a tool that will help you ensure your paper does not contain any plagiarism. Well, the plagiarism checker is one tool that will do the job for you. With this tool, you will receive a report that captures areas of your paper that are not original. 

However, not everyone can develop original content on their own. If you are having trouble developing content, you need not worry. Visit and request help from a professional. This platform will make sure that you receive a plagiarism-free paper. 


Evernote is one of the best academic tools today. This tool makes your research process quite easy. It allows you to take notes and gather the material you can use in your paper. At times, you could be outside walking and stumble upon something that fits your paper. Evernote makes it easier to capture such ideas and keep them for later use. Other types of content that you can capture with Evernote include images, quotes, scanned documents, and location photos. It is a great research tool, and since academic papers call for a bit of research, it is one you cannot do without. For basic use, you can get it for free. But, you can also consider the premium version, which will cost you some money. 


While writing a paper, no one takes time to check how many times they repeat certain words. But, at times, people tend to do that. They repeat certain words throughout their essay. It could be the topic or just a word that is relevant to the article. Well, there is a big chance that your teacher will notice the repetition, and ask you to stop doing that. But, often, they will not tell you how to avoid it. So, how do you do it? You may Google how to improve writing skills, but will you get the answers you are looking for? 

To save you all the trouble, use the academic tool Wordcounter. With this tool, you get to know whether you are overusing certain words and a chance to change them as well. 


Grammarly continues to grow in popularity around the world because of its efficiency. This tool helps students identify and correct spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. These mistakes often cause students to fail or fall short of the marks they should get. So, if you are tired of failing and are looking for a paper editor, Grammarly is the answer for you. 



The mistakes it identifies could seem simple. However, they influence the marks you get. No one wants to spend hours writing only to get an F. Subscribe to Grammarly today and rid yourself of these silly mistakes. 

Google Docs

Google continues to amaze the world with their services. Google Docs is an academic tool that has set itself apart. There is no other tool on this list that offers what it does. First of all, Google Docs is a word processor that offers collaborative functionality. This means that you can work on the same document with another person. This makes the process of editing quite easy because you can incorporate the ideas of other people. The process is simple. Share the document via email or link, and then give permission to edit. The experience you get with this paper writing app is like no other. So, try it today and see how it works best for group projects. 


One common writing tip that paper writing platforms like Essaykitchen share is avoiding distractions. But how do you avoid distractions when you have the Internet and your phone around? Well, the answer is using FocusWriter. 

This academic tool offers you a rare opportunity to block all noise and focus on your paper. It does this by allowing you to hide apps that can be a distraction to you. For example, you can hide WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With these out of your way, it will be easier to deliver on whichever task you have. 

Online Proofreader

Another tool you need for your academic papers is an online proofreader. These are online writing tools that help you to proofread your work and ensure everything is okay. Some proofreaders will allow you to check grammatical mistakes, while others will check your sentence structure. Others like Hemingway, check how readable your work is, and point out any issues in your paper. Proofreading involves reviewing a piece of work, identifying mistakes, and making apt changes. Online proofreaders will help you with this task. 


Encyclopedias may not be research paper writing software, but they are great for research. Often, teachers will discourage you from using websites like Wikipedia, Britannica, Encyclopedia, among other sites. What many will not tell is the fact that these platforms offer links to credible sources that can fit your academic paper. 

It is true that the information these sites have is shallow and not appropriate for research papers. But, they can give you some leads that work to your advantage. So, do not mention them as references, but use them to build a foundation for delivering a great paper. 




Every time you want to write a research paper, it is crucial that you arm yourself with the right tools. Ref-N-Write is a Microsoft Word add-in that makes the work of researchers easier. This is a must-have software for academic writing. 

With this tool, you can import research documents that fit your research topic. Then, you can search through your research documents as you are writing your paper. Also, it is possible to go to specific sections of research documents and gather ideas. What else do you need? This tool is nothing short of amazing considering everything it makes available for you. Again, what else do you need? 

In conclusion, every task requires the use of certain tools. The tools above should offer you a great foundation for enhancing your writing skills. So, try using them and let your friends know the secret to your upward progress.