Methods to study for scoring highest in JEE Mains

Methods to study for scoring highest in JEE Mains

Methods to study for scoring highest in JEE Mains

For many people, the dream of becoming an engineer is sowed in a child’s mind as soon as they are introduced to subjects like physics and mathematics. While many others develop the interest after observing the day to day all the tools and equipment that engineering has to offer to humanity. Currently, our whole daily routine revolves around the things that great engineers have developed in the past and the efforts of the engineers who are trying to make the world a better place to live in. Starting from the alarm that we set off in the morning to the light bulb that we switch off before sleeping are all engineering products without which we cannot think of continuing our daily normal lifestyle.

There are many prestigious institutions for various branches of engineering like electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnics engineering, computer science engineering and many more all around the world. But in a country like India where the competition is high due to the high and dense population, most engineering aspirants opt to prepare for the Joint Entrance Exam also called JEE. This is because the majority of the people want to enroll themselves in a government institution where they can gain quality education while having to pay high fees and have a secure future.

Though many students start preparing at an early age, for the majority of the students it starts after passing the matriculation exam when they have to choose between science, arts and commerce streams. Many students enroll themselves in coaching centers to help them with guidance towards the JEE entrance exam. While a small percentage of students give more importance to self-study and rely mainly on the education and guidance provided by their respective schools. Whatever guidance the students choose, the main factor defining the results will entirely depend upon the hard work and perseverance of the students. These two years are the most crucial time for the aspirants if they want to be a good engineer in the future.

Tips for studying

  • The first thing for the students to do is to know the entire syllabus of the Joint Entrance Exam.
  • Then the next important thing to do is to sort out the strong and weak parts of the individuals and in which part of the syllabus they need to spend more time on.
  • For any exam a student must be thorough with their school textbook, that is, the NCERT. This is the most basic step which can also be the most vital step for the students.
  • Then comes the studying phase in which the students need to be regular with their studies.
  • Every day in the school or coaching institutions new topics are taught to the students. It is the duty of the students to go through the materials taught to them and do related sums and problems.
  • It is obvious that a lot of doubts will arise in the curious minds of the future engineers and hence they need to clarify everything from the respective teachers.
  • At the end of week, it is a good habit to revise everything that is taught in the entire week.
  • Then comes the exams the coaching centers organize to evaluate the students upon their progress. They need to appear the exam with seriousness so that they get an idea of the question pattern for the main examination. There will be many exams throughout the two years. The students must try to appear for as many as they can. These examinations can play an important role in boosting the confidence of the students and also help them in working in their weaker section.
  • Then comes the end phase of the preparation. This phase starts from the time when the schools and institutions conclude their teaching part and students get the time for self-study and revision. This is the time when the students need to revise the portions.
  • It is very crucial that the students don’t lose their motivation and confidence. It is the time when the students become the most vulnerable. They must remember all their hard work that they have put in those past two years and study sincerely for the next remaining days with their heart.
  • To keep up the confidence, students should practice a lot of sample papers and previous year question papers to experience real life scenarios while the preparation is going on. They need to strictly follow the exam rules of setting up a stopwatch of exactly 3 hours. We have provided a previous year question paper of JEE Main 2021 PYQP with Solutions for reference.
  • Attempting one paper daily will be a very good option when it comes to preparation. Also, it is important to choose a very calm environment to attempt the paper with no distractions and disturbance.
  • It is also important to learn time management because the time limit provided and the level of questions asked are surely to be a rough time going together. Therefore, one should learn to attempt questions in a way that he can cover every section of the paper.
  • Mock tests play a very vital role in the end moment revision of the students’ preparation. One should sit for every mock test possible in order to boost up their confidence and to know which part still needs more hard work.
  • Then finally comes the decision day, that is the day of examination. The students need to stay calm and stop themselves from panicking and overthinking. In this stage, the parents and the loved ones play a very important role.
  • It is very important that they have a good sleep before the night of examination day.
  • Before leaving the home, the students need to confirm that they took the necessary things like an admit card. And upon reaching the examination center, with confidence and remembering all their hard work they need to face one question at a time and appear for the exam.

With hard work and dedication, one can surely crack any exam like JEE and also, with excellent scores. It just needs daily practice and constant efforts.