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Marijuana SEO: The Complete Guide to Marketing for Cannabis and CBD Businesses



The cannabis industry is booming in recent years, especially in America, because of its legalization. The study says 10000 new cannabis businesses opened up in 2021, all of which are legal, including 16 recreational states. In addition, the businesses also include 28 medical states and the District of Columbia, thus giving the drug Federal approval.

The more the plant gets legalized, the more its sales bloom, making only 6 states completely banning the product. So if you are also a cannabis businessman and looking for ways to further develop your business through SEO, you have come to the right place.

Overview of the industry

The legalized marijuana has developed cottage industries all over the country, which consists of both plant-touching and ancillary businesses. While ancillary businesses need PoS systems, delivery applications, armored cars, or IoT soil regulators, plant-touching business requires customer-packed goods. Also, it includes dispensaries and multi-state operations. Ancillary ones generally do a lot of email marketing as a traditional method.

But the plant-touching ones require SEO and other specialized cannabis marketing for plenty of reasons. Here dispensaries are small, like SMEs and their agenda is to increase sales and visitors or traffic. But they face challenges in monetary areas with their low budget, problems in escalating awareness, and local SEO.

How can customers get to your website?

As we already said, Google and Bing don’t allow paid promotion of any cannabis or its related products. But they reply to the Google searches people ask for. So, for example, if people search for a cannabis product like effective CBD gummies they will not directly land to a best CBD product website like If someone is aware about the top brands like CBDfx, they might open it directly otherwise beginners strat from the base by learning about CBD.

Instead, he will find all the information on cannabis in different strains, with some names of dispensaries as well. So, for example, if you search about THC or CBD, you will find almost all details about it and know the best companies selling them.

Your Cannabis and CBD content

To create content, finalize your group of keywords first. After that form a title according to that and try to find your target group’s questions. Thus form content with those and the required keyword and stuff. Supporting articles are great and should be a part of your plan.

For example, content is supposed to explain how to sell CBD oil which comes under CBD Edibles; there also includes how to cook with this oil or how to DIY your personal CBD oil.

Why does this kind of business need SEO?

All over the USA has 25000 stores and recreational dispensaries. So, you can see there is much more supply than demand, and thus the public has several choices in their hands. As marijuana businesses can’t advertise their products on tv, FM, or billboard, it’s hard for them to create awareness.

Thus it is tough for them to make their brand known or famous. Moreover, they are also not allowed to use Google Ads like any other business to reach the 1st page of the search engine. So, as a business or brand, you need a proper SEO plan if you want to reach your target audience.

Protect your SEO

Check the terms and conditions of the platform where you start to make your SEO. See if you are unknowingly giving out all your data. Cannabis is new, unknown, or unusual for many people, so the content you make related to this will be edgy. So, select providers that support these business contents or already work with this.

If the local providers are charging unnecessarily high, they also need to consider the international ones.

Tips and Tricks for SEO

  • Give a better experience for your customers- Google will take note of how your customers are reacting to your posts, and hence your SERP will increase accordingly.
  • Page uploading speed is a very important factor, and use titles and subheads so that Google can understand those and increase your rank.
  • Also, appealing and relevant pictures, videos, or screenshots can increase your search rank too.
  • In addition, use as few pop-ups as possible, don’t use them if not very necessary as pop-ups irritate customers.

You can create an SEO yourself if you have good knowledge or take the help of an expert.