Making Money with Sports on Android and IOS Apps

Bovada’s mobile betting app

If you’re into fantasy sports or even sports betting, mobile apps are the best way to make sure you’re ahead of the crowd… or at least up in the front with them.

If you don’t have an up to the second information flow and can’t make adjustments on the fly, you’ll be behind the curve. Chances are, your opponent will make better-informed decisions faster than you and you’ll start losing more than your win. If you are bettor it’s a similar game, but your opponent is the betting lines and their movement.

Let’s start with betting apps and why not utilizing them can be detrimental to making money.

Mobile Apps and Sports Betting

The first thing that we need to understand about sports betting that most people don’t, is you are not playing against the public. Sure, you can bet against what the majority of people are doing, but you are not playing against them. That way of thinking is sportsbook propaganda. We are all playing against the line-makers original line, then we after it gets moved around, we are playing against the artificially inflated or artificially deflated line. 

This is one of the main reasons that we need a couple of solid betting apps from different sportsbooks. For people in the United States, Bovada’s mobile betting app is easy to navigate, so you can get your bets in quickly from anywhere at any time. Plus, their lines tend to be softer than those of say, Bookmaker or Pinnacle. 

When you are able to keep an eye on the consensus in real-time and react, you can take advantage of temporary lines moves. For example, you are watching public action pound on the Saints -7.5. But and you know that if the line moves to 8, the smart money is going to immediately hop all over the other side. You have to be able to quickly get your play in before it adjusts back to 7.5. If you are stuck in traffic, a fat lot of good your laptop is going to do for you. You need your sportsbook on your phone so that you can take advantage now before it’s too late. 

Another aspect is the closing lines. We don’t always win our plays, but when we constantly beat the closing lines, it means we are winning. Sometimes, we just timed the market wrong and lost but when you beat the closing line, you know you had the right play. So, you should have two or three mobile apps to shop the lines. If one book opened with the Saints at -7.5 and the other had the Saints -7, and you like the dog to get the backdoor cover, well, you want that extra half-point. If you only have an account with the book offering -7, then it’s impossible for you to get that line unless you buy it … which cuts into your profits.

Mobile Apps and Fantasy Sports

I actually use Bovada to help me with my DFS because they have a ton of player props that work as key indicators that other fantasy guys may be unaware of. Still, You should have a few sports apps to give you the most up to date information in a concise manner. We can’t spend all day reading sports article after sports article. We need a lot of headlines that give us mounds of information in just a few words. 

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Of course, ESPN Fantasy and Yahoo Sports are go-to apps. But RotoWire News Center is invaluable for fantasy data. It’s dedicated to keeping you in the know with team and player updates. So, no matter what platform you use for your league or DFS, you’ll have the information you need to dominate your opponents.

Winning in fantasy sports or sports betting is about making informed decisions and reaction time. Without trusted mobile apps, you may not get the information you need quickly enough and you won’t be able to use that information faster than anyone else.