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List of best laptops for drawing (read reviews about laptop):

laptops for drawing

Laptops for drawing

Digital drawing is relatively easy and result-oriented comparatively to manual drawing. You can draw and view your drawing from every perspective through digital drawing with an instant result being illustrated on your screen. A number of colour options, display sizes, and pixels could be adjusted. However it has a price tag that could not be easily affordable but this reason could not be enough for compromising your drawing passion and better portrait, images and art.

If you are an artist who is really passionate about giving his/her ideas a digital form and looking for the best laptop for drawing then you are in the right place. Here we are providing you with a list of laptops that are most suitable for drawing.You can also read reviews about laptop.

List of best laptops for drawing:

Below listed laptops are fantastic for drawing and can take your drawing experience to the next level. These laptops can provide you with better control over resolution, performance, contrast, colors and screen size.

  • Microsoft Surface Book 2
  • Dell XPS 13 9370
  • Samsung Notebook 9 pro
  • Lenovo Yoga 920
  • HP Spectre x360 13 T
  • Microsoft surface pro 6
  • Microsoft surface go
  • Acer spin 3
  • Lenovo Flex 5
  • Surface Pro 7
  • HP Chromebook x360

Well, you might still be unclear about what to opt for as you can’t evaluate which laptop is the list is best for you until or unless you are not familiar with what to look for in them. For your ease, we are also providing a buying guide so that you can make a better purchasing decision and get what you exactly dream of. You can also read reviews about the  ,

Buying Guide:

Do follow the buying guide before choosing the best laptop from the list. Some important features to be considered are screen size, resolution, panel type, the graphics chip, ram, touch screen and etc.

Screen Size and Resolution:

It shows what you are drawing so it should be large enough to illustrate every angle of a picture and a clear view of how your drawing looks like. Screen sizes of laptops for drawing vary but we can tell you the ideal one which would also be pocket-friendly. A screen size between 13 to 15 inches could be a better option but it would be great if you opt for something bigger.

When it comes to the resolution so high resolution is good as more number of pixels assures more clarity in the picture covering every small aspect of an image. The available options could be between 1366*768 (HD) and3840*2160 (4k) screen resolution. For a 13 inch and 15-inch screen, we recommend 1920*1080 pixels (FHD) and 2560*1440 respectively.

Battery Life:

What bothers us most while using technologies could be the rapid fall in battery percentage. This distracts us from doing our work with full focus. You might not reach your potential drawing capacity if you have to look for a socket nearly very often. This arises the need of getting a laptop for drawing that has good battery life and you can work on it longer without distractions.


One of the significant factor to consider before choosing a laptop for drawing is the panel which contributes greatly to the display of image colors and angles. Here you are allowed deciding on 3 types of panels namely IPS Panel, VN Panel and TN Panel. However, the best of them is the IPS panel because it gives good colors and better illustration of every angle. It allows you to draw pictures from different points. So, if you need to get a clear and smooth picture of what you are drawing then it would be better to choose a laptop with having IPS panel.


Get a laptop that has its own pen and allows you to draw on the screen through it. Many companies provide their own drawing pens such as S pen of Samsung, Apple pencils for MacBook, and Active pen for Lenovo. However, if you are getting a laptop with no pen then you can buy a stylus but make sure it is compatible with your laptop.


8 GB Ram is something enough for drawing in most cases however it would be great if you can afford 16 GB-32GB as it will allow you to run more number of software smoothly.


Hopefully, you would now be familiar with the list of best laptops for drawing and also what to consider for getting the best laptop for drawing. You are welcomed to ask any query you have. Let us know if anything bothers you or you want to know more about the best laptops for drawing.