LinkedIn Smart Connector – Review

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social media platforms for professionals, with as many as 740 million users worldwide. No matter if you are a chef, a marketer, or an engineer, you can always find someone from your industry to connect with and increase your professional circle.

Like many others, LinkedIn for me is a place to build connections that can help me grow professionally. Marketers are only as good as their network is, which is why all digital marketers and their teams are usually focusing on building strong connections on the platform. As a professional content marketer, I am always looking to build meaningful and strong connections on LinkedIn.

A few days ago, I came across a LinkedIn Automation tool, which was mainly focused on helping people increase their connections. However, the tool seemed particularly useful, so I decided to give it a go.

LinkedIn Smart Connector helps you build a strong network by looking for people who share the same interest as you on LinkedIn.

So how exactly does it help? What are the key features? Is the tool for me? What plan should I invest in? These are a few of the questions that bugged me as soon as I came across the extension. I immediately signed up for a plan, and here’s how it went.

What is LinkedIn Smart Connector?

LinkedIn Smart Connector is an automation tool that helps you increase your ROI and skyrocket your sales by automating connections and follow-up messages. According to their website, using automated connections and replies can improve your response rate by 10 times. Since I have only used this tool for a week, I cannot honestly tell how valid their claims are, but I did find the connections particularly helpful.

Furthermore, the tool also helps develop your business continuously as it brings prospects at a  larger scale than you can manually manage to do. Once the tool finds interesting connections for you, you can filter through them and find profitable ones for you.

LinkedIn Smart Connector is basically a chrome extension, so you can only use it with windows. I think they plan to launch more features for LinkedIn automation within this tool or maybe create a new extension for it.

However, I found it quite annoying that I can only use this extension when I am using the chrome browser; if I want to log in from another browser, it won’t work.

That being said, I am pretty excited to find out what other connection-building automation features they have up their sleeves.

Who is the LinkedIn Smart Connector for?

The tool is for everyone who wants to build a strong presence on LinkedIn and build connections that can help out their companies. The LinkedIn Smart Connector is ideal for all marketers, HR specialists, head hunters, business owners, CEOs, and other professionals who want to build connections worldwide.

How Does the LinkedIn Smart Connector work?

The LinkedIn Smart Connector is actually a pretty easy tool to work with. First up, you need to open the websites and download the extension using the link on the homepage. Then, after you have downloaded and pinned in the extension in the chrome browser, you need to sign up for an account.

The extension offers a free plan, as well as three paid plans; you can sign up for the one that best suits your needs.

All plans are pretty reasonably priced, so you can totally get the expert one as well.

After you are done with the signup process, you can start using the tool.

First up, open LinkedIn in a new tab and log in to your account. Next, launch the extension from the top right corner of the browser. The extension will automatically connect with your profile. Ensure that you use the same email address to sign up or log in for both accounts.

Now, on the tool’s main page, you can see that there is a “create new campaign” button on the bottom. Click on it and name your campaign. 

Then, click on next to ahead to the second step.

The second step asks you to personalize the first message sent with the connection request and another follow-up message for when the connection has been accepted.

These messages can be completely personalized with first names, last names, company names, custom snippets, and basically anything that you want. For the follow-up message, you can also select the number of days after which the message would be sent.

After setting the messages, move ahead to the next step and choose your audience. You can select your audience from LinkedIn’s search by choosing the first option on the screen, after which your LinkedIn page will automatically show the filters that you can apply.

Customize your search option and let the magic begin. The extension will select the top 1000 people from the search and include them in your campaign list.

Lastly, delete any prospective connection that you don’t want and either start or save the campaign for a later date.

The extension will then send them connection requests along with the personalized messages.

That’s it!

That’s all that you need to do, is create a campaign and build connections using the tool.

After sending the connection requests, you can download the list of people to whom you sent a request using a CSV file.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

As I said, the extension has four pricing plans, and the first one is free of cost; the other three are as follows;

  •       Start – $5 per month with 25 connections a day and 75 messages. You can create up to 5 campaigns a month with this package.
  •       Business – $10 per month with 50 connections a day and 150 messages. You can create up to 10 campaigns a month with this package.
  •       Expert – $15 per month with 100 connections a day and 300 messages. You can create up to 50 campaigns a month with this package.

All the packages have similar features; therefore, you should choose the plan that best aligns with the number of connections you intend to make per day. If you want to create more campaigns with more extensive lists, subscribe to a higher plan.

You can also try out the free plan or subscribe to the lowest price one, test it out for a few days, and then upgrade if you need to.

What Do I Think of the LinkedIn Smart Connector?

I, for one, definitely think that the extension is quite useful if used properly. Also, since the pricing is reasonable, anyone can go for it. The process is smooth; you can easily signup and create campaigns, personalize the messages, control the connections, and keep track of all the connection requests.

They also have 24/7 customer support, which you can email at any time. They respond pretty fast.

Lastly, it is a customer-driven tool, which means that they take feedback seriously and help out with queries as fast as possible. Therefore, the tool is worth a try!