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LG pink flip phone GD510 Pop Pink Mobile Phone Review

LG pink flip phone GD510

LG pink flip phone GD510

The integration of the camera was very well in LG GD510 Pop Pink, which is a necessary feature now-days. With the support of this resolution adenoids Incorporated camera function, the user can capture clicks and edit recording clips whenever they want without having to carry those bulky digital cameras.

The combined features of audio and video players are included in the phone which supports the most popular file formats. You can enjoy overflowing size movies on the big screen with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. Desktop customization is one of the best features they have introduced in this new LG phone that allows the individual to functional applications always on his screen.

The screen of the LG GD510 Pop Pink is also featured with an Accelerometer sensor and Handwriting acceptance. The internal memory provided in this apparatus is 42 MB which can be extended to a Hercules 16 GB. Features like SMS, MMS and email are no problem with this unit.

For the gadget smiles dispersed is available in 3 colors radiating Silver, Twilight and black. Surfing web becomes easy via Bluetooth or quad-band. Other features that this gadget bag is FaceBook, My Space, Twitter integration, MP4 / H.264 / H.263 participant, MP3 / WMA / AAC +, organizer and more.

The directory may make up to 1000 contacts. It also has speed dial, smart dialing functions. This is a plus, especially for a touchscreen midrange.

Document viewing DOC, PDF and XLS files. There are a lot of games for user activity, including Brain Challenge 2 and Diamond Twister.

The new feature that is incorporated in this gadget is a solar panel for charging the battery. Although it is optional, it is really useful if the individual opts for it.

LG GD510 deals of Orange Pay monthly lease are similar to the old but are rocking LG KP500 Cook promise offerings. LG GD510 contract offers have an upper hand in contract mobile phone deals as the gadget is new and also features some bags that are fresh and surprising. For the cost of the LG GD510 Orange Pay Monthly, it is safe to say that the loading of features and functions than its designer. The money is a value.