How to learn the French language in 4 weeks 

learn the French language

learn the French language

Many people are learning French, and you can do it too within a short span of time. There are many people who learn French within six months, some might take one year, and others might take two years. The major difference between all of them is the time they are investing and the interest they are showing towards it. The major difference can be noted by the teaching technique and how you are coping up with the technique. Statistics show that people who follow online classes have shown great learning results than those who follow the classic style of learning in person. 

If a person invests a long time in learning French and has the determination to achieve it within a shorter period of time, they can achieve it quickly. There are many online platforms which help the students to learn French with easy tricks and audiovisuals

These are the following points through which one can learn French quickly sitting in the comfort of the home.


Justlearn is a french tutoring website platform where tutors across the world are available to teach the new language to the students. Many students would be hesitant to join online classes because they would not be aware of the tutors’ quality of teaching. Therefore, Justlearn they only hire teachers who are well educated and can make the students learn the tricks quickly.

If the students face any sort of problem regarding the lessons, they can easily contact the teachers and solve their doubts. Along with French, they also teach many other languages as well, therefore students interested in increasing their linguistic skills by learning two or three languages at a time; they can easily get it done with the help of Justlearn.


Many students have problems learning the grammar of a new language. If the grammar is accurately used, then it would be easy to frame a sentence. If The rules in the grammar of the language are known properly, then the conversation can be made in a better way.

It takes time to learn the grammar of a new language, but it can be done smoothly with constant practice and concentration. One can learn grammar by writing new sentences so that the mistakes would be known easily and can be easily rectified.


There is nothing in this world that a human being can learn without constant practice. In an exact manner, it is extremely important for a student to practice the learned words and grammar on a daily basis so that it would be easily remembered when they would have to actually speak to someone. 

The practice can be made interesting by having a conversation with your friend, siblings, or your parents. If the student practiced more, he would be comfortable while having a conversation in French with a stranger.

There are many websites where you can find native French speakers with whom you can talk on a daily basis and make yourself better in it.

Common words

There are many words that are derived from English, or it is used in the exact manner as it is used in English. Therefore, if someone has to work on their vocabulary, they can initially focus on memorizing the common words because that can be learned easily without much effort.

If the student has learned many common words, then it would become easy for them to frame any sentence with minimum grammatical mistakes.

Japanese videos

If the students spend time watching movies of their native language, then they can also invest some time to learn Japanese by watching movies or videos in Japanese due to which they would have a clear idea regarding the pronunciation of the words. 

After watching the videos, they can try to imitate In the exact manner as the actors would speak to have more command over the slang of the language.

There are many informative, funny, and serious videos in Japanese which the students can opt according to their interest to learn it quickly.

It is impossible for a student to go abroad to learn a foreign language. Therefore, due to advancements in technology, it becomes easier for students to learn Japanese at less cost; otherwise, it would have been difficult for people who would have financial problems at home.

With the help of the above points, you can learn Japanese without much trouble.