KProxy Free Web Proxy



What is kproxy?

KProxy is a free and fast VPN service, provides the data transfer service to your device with your selected location with unique IP .

Get your KProxy here.

Chrome Extension

Get KProxy chrome extension here.

Simple to Setup

Comes constructed to a mobile version of Firefox

Some limitations on use

KProxy supplies a browser-based provider, a extension for either Chrome or even Firefox, and also a mobile version of Firefox available with the expansion installed — a wonderful touch that allows you make use of the proxy PCs in the school, school or workplace.

Installation is a easy once the expansion is installed, select a remote server (that the free version provides multiple options in Montreal and Munich) and click’Connect’. Secure HTTPS links are encouraged. Also, you can find safe proxy lists from proxy-rarbg.org

It is possible to reconnect free following a breather to get thirty minutes.

The complimentary edition, KProxy Guru, provides you with use of’superior servers’, which claims are’never over loaded’, suggesting that the free service could some times slowdown under the burden of trafficbut we scarcely watched any affect rate.

As with services that are free, you will find limits: you can just navigate free to get three hours in a stretch, or even before you’ve reached your 300MB data limit. Once you reach this limitation, you may possibly observe a tab prompting one to buy a premium accounts, however that really isn’t compulsory.

If it involves KProxy’s online privacy , the business notes”You also know that despite our very best efforts this service might well not supply a 100% assurance of solitude and anonymity. In view of your online privacy policy, KProxy reserves the right to show within the IP addresses of users that misuse our bodies to the proper legal authoritiesto people against whom abuse was committed”