Hurricane Dorian drives man to park his car in his kitchen inside his home

Hurricane Dorian drives man to park his car in his kitchen inside his home

Hurricane Dorian drives man to park his car in his kitchen inside his home

Hurricane Dorian is one of the most intense and dangerous tropical cyclones that has ever been in record. The hurricane formed in August 24, 2019 and struck Bahamas a few days later. It is regarded as the worst and most devastating natural disaster in recent times of the country’s history. Dorian is the most powerful hurricane to have ever been recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. The winds of this hurricane reached a whopping speed of 185 mph or 295 km/hr, and sustained for more than 1 minute. It was classified as Category 5 hurricane and total damage caused by it is estimated to be around $8.5 billion.

The hurricane made landfall around the Bahamas in the Elbow Cay which is situated east of the Abaco Island and remained there for more than a day. After weakening considerably, it moved northwestward and on September 3, it reached the East Coast of Florida. It was classified as Category 3 hurricane during this time. Hurricane Dorian dissipated on September 10 in Greenland.

More than 75 people were declared dead and 282 went missing till date. Dorian is the most damaging hurricane in Bahamas, with costs extending upto $3.6 billion in Bahamas alone. While you check more about the Hurricane Dorian, make sure to check Rotimatic Rotimaker for easy roti right at home throughout the year.

An interesting incident occurred during this time

In Jacksonville, Florida, a couple light-heartedly challenged each other on whether their smart car can fit inside their kitchen his kitchen has automatic Rotimatic Machin. Patrick Eldridge and his wife Jessica challenged themselves with this task. Jessica told us that she did not believe in her husband’s words when he said the car would easily fit inside the kitchen space in their house. As a result of a fun quarrel between them, Patrick took the challenge very seriously and went out in the rain and sat inside his car.

Surprisingly, as soon as the double front doors were opened, the car swifted into the house and Patrick parked it inside the kitchen. Thus proving his wife absolutely wrong. Jessica said ” I was amazed that it could fit. He had it in with no problems”. Later she added “I’m hoping he will pull it out pretty soon once the wind dies down,” she said. “There is room, and it’s not in the way, but the dogs are confused by it”. A really fun and exciting challenge to take part in during the times of natural emergency. It surely did give both of them a good laugh at the end.

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