How to Win More Games in Rainbow Six Siege

Win More Games in Rainbow Six Siege

Win More Games in Rainbow Six Siege

Been playing Rainbow Six Siege for a while now? And despite trying hard, can’t seem to win more game? We’re here to help!

This first-person shooter game has plenty of fans. But for none of them it is easy to master. But don’t worry. For quick success, see how to on Battlelog. However, if you want to improve your game gradually, have a look at the following tips and tricks to win more games in Rainbow Six Siege.

Listen Intently

Sound is just as crucial in the Rainbow Six Siege game as the display. Listening carefully to your enemy’s movement sound can help you be better prepared for the battle.

But you must not make much noise and your movements are obvious. Remember that your enemies can hear as well as you hear them.

Use the Right Equipment

Understanding the mechanics and nailing it down is an essential part of winning at Rainbow Six Siege. To do that, you should find a mouse that fits your hand perfectly.

Calibrate your mouse pad by aligning your mouse at the center of the pad and turning it 180 degrees to the left and right. After this calibration, it will be very smooth and easy to use.

Set the Right Attachments

Finding the right attachments is absolutely necessary to seize the moment. Pick up an attachment that suits your style of play. You also have to figure out which scope works best for attack and which performs well in defense.

The game, unlike other shooter games, has specific shooters for different situations. ACOG is an excellent scope that many attackers and some defenders would have to use in all situations. 1x sight is easily the best in close combat. The red dot is the most popular among these as it is very mobile and increases your accuracy.

Understand the Maps

Different maps have different dynamics, and you need to adapt varying strategies for each map accordingly. The destructive multilevel maps of the game can make it frustrating for beginners as you might get shot from the unlikeliest of the places.

That won’t be the case once you have read the map in and out. Of course, you would need to spend more than a few hours mastering them. The best method to understand them is by playing on a single map for long enough instead of switching to others frequently. Watch streamers and professional gameplay to better understand the maps and what different tactics you can use at different places.

Create a Strategy

Just like all the big things, you can’t win at Rainbow Six Siege without having a winning strategy. Watch streams and focus on teamwork. See how successful streamers use teamwork and bonding to come out of challenging situations victorious.

From map knowledge to team makeup, you would have to quickly learn to create a winning strategy. The learning never stops, but once you have devised a successful plan, you would be defending sites and attacking successfully more often than not.

Find the Right Aim Sensitivity

Can’t control scopes? It seems impossible, especially if you are a beginner. But it can all turn out to be pretty manageable if you set the proper sensitivity of your mouse. You can try hitting moving targets using different sensitivities and experiment a bit. Remember that every player has a different style of play and hand size. The same sensitivity might be good for someone and may not be suitable for you.

So, you need to invest time in finding out the proper sensitivity for yourself. In the end, the strategic game boils down to winning close combats. Aiming more accurately significantly increases your chances of winning a battle.


Couple these skills with a high-end gaming device. You don’t want to be lagging behind because of a poor frame rate and buggy gameplay. Practice more and employ all these tricks in your gameplay. You may feel disappointed at your losses but stick to the process. Then, becoming a pro can be a real possibility. Comment down your favorite Rainbow Six Siege cheats and hacks!