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How to wear earbuds the right way



Are you tired because your earbuds tend to drop frequently?  One of the common problems of earbud users is that they fall off frequently. In this post, we have included an in-depth guide on how to wear earbuds the right way.

One of the common reasons for earbuds falling off is because most users get the fit wrong.  A simple way to get the fit right is by trying different earbuds until you find a secure fit.

Most earbuds come with extra earbud tips due to which you can try them out and see which fits you the best.

Most earbuds come with extra earbud tips due to which you can try them out and see which fits you the best. –Samsung Galaxy earbuds have hyped the phone accessories, as it promotes better quality than its competitors, flip through the MusicCritic’s reviews on this product and the likes.

Furthermore, if the fit of the earbuds is not secured, you will notice a bass drop as well, which deteriorates the hearing experience.

Ensure there’s a seal between ear tips and ear canals as this will ensure noise isolation and a premium hearing experience.

Usually, earbuds come with different build quality and design due to which the fit could vary from earbud to earbud.

It is advisable to opt for lightweight earbuds as they provide a better fit and don’t weigh you down.

Moreover, it would be recommended to ensure that your ears do not have any wax accumulated as this could lead in earbuds falling off.

Furthermore, you can opt for silicone tips as they have a better fit.  Getting the fit right off the earbud may take some trial and error as you will need to experiment with the different earbud tips to get the right fit.

Most premium earbuds have multiple silicone tips and the fit they provide is usually better. You can check some of the best earbuds under 200.

All of the earbuds stated in the post have a good fit and will stay in your ears.

In case you notice earbuds falling off while running, try opting for smaller tips as they provide a secure fit compared to the regular ear tips.

If you wish to use the earbuds specifically for running, you may need to try in-ear earbuds as they have a better fit.

Moreover, there are silicone ropes available which you can use while running, which keep the earbuds stable while running.

These silicone wires are cost-effective and available at most stores.

The silicone wires can be used with the AirPods well since they are specifically designed for them.


This post is an in-depth guide on how to wear earbuds without them falling out. At the same time, this is a common problem amongst earbud users; however, it can be reduced to a great extent.

Wireless earbuds are great since they allow you to move around without having to worry about wires tangling.

Moreover, the sound they can provide is premium which is why the demand for earbuds has been in recent years.

Earbuds come in different shapes and designs. Hence it would be ideal to do your research before you finalize one.

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