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How to Trade IQ Options Easily in this year

How to Trade IQ Options

How to Trade IQ Options

Iq options are contracts that allow traders to gamble on the fluctuations in prices of different assets in the short term. Like for other types of options, a common strike price as a guide is used to determine the maximum payoff on a given digital option contract.

Iq options are a product that will allow one to select a strike price in the future at a certain point and if it expires in the money you get a guaranteed payout. On the other side of the equation, if the business perception is wrong, lose the principal trade balance. If you are trading close the index, you are increasing your payout due to the higher chances.

How to Trade Digital Options with IQ Option:

There are 3 different strike price setting. The modes are given below:

1. Current Price Mode (basically the same as binary options trading): The strike price & the current market price (mid-price) are often the same when ‘ current price mode ‘ is triggered and the strike price you reach when you start a deal will always be the live market price that you see on the right side of your map. Your trade can often be loaded at a particular strike price.

2. Auto-Selection of the Nearest Strike Price: The nearest strike price in this mode vaguely follows the actual share level, sometimes in a staggered manner, hopping about like a staccato. Many times, the quality of the strike is equal to the selling level. The strike price can at times be higher or lower than the current market price. Whenever the actual market price is not equal to the strike price.

3. Manual Option Between Various Strike Prices: In this mode, you can select manually from several different strike prices shown on the right side of the map. This variety of strike rates is also displayed in a chart that can be reached by clicking on’ Time’ in your screen’s top right corner. The tick box next to’ Auto-Selection of the nearest strike price’ has to be unticked for this mode to be operational. You will see this in the green box in the screenshot above, with the orange arrow heading towards it. When you untick the tick box to enable the’ manual strike price setting,’ this feature will immediately move back to the’ Nearest strike price auto range ‘ mode as soon as possible.

Working Strategies of Iq option:

For digital choices, you will determine whether the price should go up or down. So what’s special is that you can pick the strike price as well. That means you can pick the correct strike price and make income quickly. For example, you can go for a call opportunity by selecting a high strike price and gain up to 900 percent on your own money.

If someone wants to choose a strike price only marginally higher than the current asset level, he/she can receive 100 percent, for example. But keep in mind that the farther down the price of the strike is from an asset’s actual price the more dangerous the exchange is becoming. Also, digital options are obtained with the buy-out tool which helps you to prematurely sell your options.

These are the moves you would have to follow to do so for Trading Digital Options. To order to negotiate a contract, the buyer will take the following steps: • Choose the preferred commodity,• Choose the delivery date,• Choose the sum of money that he wishes to spend,• Choose a strike price, • Press “CALL” if he believes the price should go up or “PUT” if the price is surplus to his view.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Trading IQ Options:

Advantages: There are many benefits to digital choices, and the first is the versatility on strike rates. You’re restricted to what the demand is for conventional binary options and it does not suit all trading approaches. 

Another downside of digital choices is that even with your strike you may be in the red, you will always earn money. Granted, if you’re right, you’ll gain less for your position, which may be a safe way to get market access relative to some.

Disadvantages: One of the drawbacks of digital alternatives is that you’ll get less payoff if you move deeper through the market on your exchange. Set payouts as contrasted with conventional contracts are another drawback.                                                                        


Online options are a fascinating contrast to traditional stocks. Clients will view the business in a few different directions if they sell digital stocks. Although binary options are not accessible on the iOS device of IQ Option and the Android app Play Store, digital options can be sold on all of these platforms. It makes digital alternatives more available to traders with little oversight.