How to Scrape Localized Data with US proxies

Scrape Localized Data with US proxies

Scrape Localized Data with US proxies

We know that the internet offers loads of valuable information, but do we know how to access it? Many websites block access to their content based on location, and a proxy is required to circumvent this blacklist. In this article, we detail how to scrape localized data with US proxies.

As per Market Research Future statistics, the web scraper software market worldwide topped about $421 million in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.1% to reach around $949 million by 2026.

What is Data Scraping and Why You Should Use It?

To collect information from websites, you need to perform data mining or data scraping using a reliable scraping tool. These solutions are very efficient and allow you to scrape large numbers of web pages quickly. The scraping tool collects the needed data from websites and saves it locally on your computer in your preferred format.

You can use web scraping for purposes such as tracking online conversations about topics, analyzing information, checking your competitors’ products, prices, and keywords, and more. For unhindered web scraping, it’s essential to use a proxy service that offers rotating residential IPs. This feature ensures you don’t get blacklisted by the target site or fed with false information. Use the most authentic platform for this such as

Applications of Data Mining

Localized data scraping is widely used in social media, e-commerce, SEO, finance, banking, real estate, marketing, sales, and others. Thus, web scraping has become essential for modern marketing. Let’s now look at a few popular data mining applications:

  • Sales intelligence: You can utilize web scraping to track your sales team’s performance and collect data on your prospects and customers from social media platforms and review websites.
  • Price comparison: Get knowledge about your competitors’ prices so you can tweak the rates of your own products and services and make them more appealing to consumers.
  • Real estate listing: You can leverage data scraping solutions to monitor real estate sites and track the latest prices in different locations.
  • SEO tracking: Scrape the search results pages of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others to assess results on search keywords and find the perfect keywords and title tags to boost traffic to your website.
  • Social listening: Monitor opinions and feedback on political subjects or products leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Journalism and media firms that collect user-produced content tend to utilize social listening a lot.
  • Ad verification: It’s vital to ensure that the ads you place on the internet reach the targeted people. Ad fraud is common, and hackers can create fake traffic to prevent your ads from being seen by actual people. Plus, your competitors may route your adverts to undesirable websites like casinos or porn platforms, which will affect your reputation. Ad verification using proxies is thus important to avoid these dangers.

What are the Benefits of Scraping Localized Data?

Web data scraping enables you to extract large volumes of data effortlessly and aggregate, convert and store it in your desired format. You can then retrieve and analyze the information for your purposes. Scraping of localized data can be automated using a bot or scraper tool and offers benefits and applications such as travel aggregation, ad verification, price comparison, machine learning, brand protection, market research, lead generation, and more.

For effective localized web data scraping, a dependable proxy solution is vital.

How can US Proxies Help You scrape Localized Data?

Now, let’s look at the ways in which US proxies can be used to quickly and efficiently scrape localized data:

· Stay fast, anonymous, and undetected

For web scraping, proxy services offer benefits such as hiding your computer’s IP address, bypassing the rate restrictions imposed by target sites, and reliably extracting data from content platforms and websites without getting banned or blocked.

Plus, you can make requests from any device or region, which allows you to access region-specific information and content. Use a dedicated pool of proxies to request information in large volumes from target websites. Blazing SEO is the most advanced rotating proxy service in the market. It offers IP rotation based on time and for every request.

Bypass the blanket IP blacklists implemented by some sites. For instance, many websites ban AWS servers as they are known to send a high number of requests and overload them. With a reliable pool of proxies, you can send unlimited simultaneous sessions to one or multiple websites.

· Localized Price Scraping

Typically, e-commerce platforms display prices to visitors based on their IP location and ZIP code. Localized price scraping enables you to access the pricing of competitor e-commerce products in different locations. You can use this data to formulate your own prices accordingly and make them more attractive to buyers to gain an edge over your competitors.

· Protection from IP Cloaking

Proxies are ideal solutions to escape IP cloaking and blocking. But for this purpose, you should use residential proxies and not datacenter proxies. This is because data center proxies share a subnet on the server, making them susceptible to IP cloaking.

Residential proxies are preferable as they do not share a subnet. This makes them ideal IP masking solutions for localized data scraping.


Select a proven proxy provider that gives you access to a vast proxy network with millions of residential proxies in hundreds of nations. This feature allows you to rotate between various IP addresses so you can scrape in full anonymity without worrying about getting blocked or being fed with false information by the target websites.