How to save content from Instagram with a video downloader 

save content from Instagram with a video downloader 

save content from Instagram with a video downloader 

Instagram is a social platform with constantly updated content that is valuable and can serve your business. Do your clients upload videos mentioning your goods? Why not use them for your ads and website? Do you follow a fitness coach who shares tutorials on IGTV? You can keep these files as well.

When it comes to saving stories, videos, IGTV, and streams published from your account, the task seems straightforward. You can go to your Instagram archive and save stories to your gallery. But if you want to perform this on the desktop or save clips published by other Instagrammers – there’s no way to do this in the application.

An Instagram downloader is a third-party and usually free service that allows you to save videos and posts to your device. What is more, files can be saved even on a computer. When you apply such a tool, the media you download is of high quality can’t be compared with a screen recording and screenshots.

How can you save videos from Instagram?

As I mentioned above, the best way to save media files in 2021 is by applying a service for downloads. There are many of them; most of them require registration if you need a multitude of content pieces. Usually, you can process one inquiry free of charge. So how do these tools work?

  • Firstly you need to find a post with a video or an account from which you aim to download a story/ highlight/ IGTV. Your goal at this stage is to copy a URL of this account or a link to a post. You can do it from the web browser or in the application.
  • Next, you should paste this address to the downloader you pick. After you input the address and click on search, the service will find this file, and you will see it on a device.
  • Finally, you should just click on the last button. After you perform this action, the clip you need will be downloaded to your gallery, camera roll, the downloads folder on a computer.

As you see, users can instantly receive any clip from IG within minutes.

How can you use video content after saving it?

It’s a wise decision to make the most of the content uploaded on Insta by distributing it across other social platforms.

  • Track and save testimonials made by your customers. You need to ask people who buy your goods to share their personal experiences. It’s a good practice to provide discounts for fair reviews. Remember to download these clips and publish them on your IG, on a website, and communities on other socials.
  • Download educational content for personal use. If you follow coaches, trainers, and schools that post high-value content, you might need to systemize these files in a personal library. This is a situation when you need to use a downloader to keep the materials in their original quality forever and view without an Internet connection.
  • Start a feature account. A feature account is a profile or a blog, that does not produce its own content. But these accounts are highly successful since they provide ads to people who want to be featured. They gather niche-specific audiences, curate dedicated content making a solid community. If running one of such communities, a downloader for Instagram is a must-have to get media files within seconds.


When you need to keep clips from IG, improving the reach of this content across other channels, you need clips of perfect quality. Sometimes you need to even edit them. In these cases, apply web-based services for saving content from any public IG account. Thus, you will have a video in a high-resolution that you can smartly re-use further.