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How to register a Cyprus Limited Liability Company

register a Cyprus Limited Liability Company

Register a Cyprus Limited Liability Company

If you are a non-resident who wishes to register a company in Cyprus, then you need to look out for a registering company or service or lawyer for this purpose who will function as a registering agent and work on all the necessary documents needed for the registration of a Cyprus company.

Name of the Cyprus company

The primary step of Cyprus company register is to submit a name to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. You can reserve a name of your company online via the official site of the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. You need approval from the Registrar before you use the name. The Registrar accepts the name and reserves it. A name may not be accepted if it is misleading in anyway. The name can include the following words like National, International, Euro, Europe, Republic, European Union etc.

Forms needed by the Registrar of Companies:

After the name of the company has been approved by the Registrar, some documents have to be submitted for Cyprus company register:

  1. HE1 declaration form
  2. HE2 form (for the office address of the registered company)
  3. HE3 form (to have information of the Director (s) of the company
  4. Two Memorandum and Articles of Association originally in Greek signed by the shareholders attested by a witness.

Time take in the formation of the company:

It takes around 5 to 10 working days after all the necessary documents have been submitted to the Registrar.

After-registration process:

The company has to be registered with the Tax Department in order to get TIC number and a VAT registration number (if required)

Things required to register a company in Cyprus

All documents required for Cyprus company registration depend on the compliance provision of the European direction along with European Anti-money laundering Directive.

In order for register a Cyprus company, you need a company order form completed and signed by the beneficial owners. Along with the KYC documents, required from every shareholder, beneficial owner and other people who will control the company or will become the shareholder of the Cyprus Company.

Documents required for Cyprus company register at the time of natural person:

  1. The natural person application form, signed by the beneficial owner.
  2. Copy of your passport or ID
  3. Certified copy of your address with your full name and address as stated in the passport. It could be your utility bill, water phone or gas bill.
  4. Original bank reference paper dated of the past three months
  5. CV stating your career graph.

Documents required for Cyprus company registration, at the time when shareholder is a legal entity:

  1. Corporate person form filled and signed by the beneficial owner
  2. Certified and approved documents stating the existence of the company along with its incorporation number.
  3. Certified documents of the company’s directors, secretary, shareholders and registered office.
  4. Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  5. Certified copy of the passport and a copy of the recent utility bill of the past three months of the shareholders, directors, secretary and nominee.