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How to Recover Lost Data with iTop Data Recovery Fast and Safely?  

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If you have already lost or deleted system files, you can use the iTop Data Recovery software to quickly restore them. This software is available for Windows 10/11/8/7. The iTop Data Recovery software is simple to operate and has a high recovery rate in comparison to similar products on the market.

This data recovery software will be useful in any circumstance in which your files have been lost. The iTop data recovery software is able to retrieve lost or deleted files from a variety of storage devices, including hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, TF cards and more. It is a very versatile data recovery program. To know more about that, below in this article we have given a brief before getting into the main topic for better info.

Software for Extremely Rapid Scanning and Retrieval of Lost Data

Imagine that you have had it up to here with slow software. If this is the case, you may want to go with iTop Data Recovery because it has an effective algorithm that enables it to perform Ultra-Fast Scanning. Therefore, with iTop Data Recovery, you will be able to quickly recover any information that has been lost or deleted.

The Windows Data Recovery Tool offers a free visualization preview of the damaged, deleted, and inaccessible data in a format that is suitable for Microsoft Office documents, as well as photos, videos, and audio files. This feature of iTop Data Recovery is extremely helpful in ensuring that the data recovery process goes as smoothly and accurately as possible. In addition to this, the rate of recovery is consistently high, coming in at 95 percent.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Your Important Data with iTop VPN

iTop Data Recovery
iTop Data Recovery

A Guide That Will Walk You Through Each Step of Recovering Your Lost or Deleted Data Using ITop Data Recovery

Download and run the setup program:

First, visit the official website of iTop data recovery software and download and install the quick recovery tool. After that, follow the instructions in the installation guide to set it up and then launch it and better to move on to the second step mentioned in this guide.

Pick your preferred scanning mode:

You are able to scan by picking a certain location or type of file to look through. If you only need to retrieve movies, you need only select the “Videos item” from the menu to begin the process. It is possible to recover all of the photographs, compressed files, and documents that were misplaced.

Recover any data that was lost or deleted:

You will be provided with a result of files once the scanning procedure has been completed. You are now able to see the data you desire and check the current status of its files before recovering them. After checking to make sure its state is either excellent or good to restore, you may then press the button labeled Recover.

iTop’s fast data recovery technology makes it possible to recover data quickly from the majority of external storage devices, including HDDs, SSDs, and USB drives. Because of its one-of-a-kind algorithm, it makes the process of recovering data and scanning quicker.


This piece of data recovery software was developed to assist customers in retrieving deleted files from their local as well as their storage devices. It offers data recovery from operating systems that use the Windows platform. It makes it simple to look for and restore any file that has been misplaced or removed from your computer, and it does so quickly. We have high hopes that you will find this blog to be not only interesting but also really useful.