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How to monetize your YouTube video?

When someone asks why one should one monetize their YouTube channel, it is generally understood as showing ads on the channel and getting paid for it. This is fine but not the best course of action. The reason is that a viewer’s attention span is low and loyalty to a channel is fickle. It is seen when someone watches a video on a particular genre and if an ad pops up for a similar content, then they immediately click on to that video and watch them instead.

Another point to consider is that monetization on YouTube channels is not so lucrative that one can actually save them for their retirement. The earnings are meagre per 1000 views and one does not get paid unless one reaches a certain threshold of One-hundred-dollar mark. This is extremely time consuming and takes ages for many businesses unless one takes the help of digital marketing experts to buy YouTube views and influence additional organic growth. Therefore, the idea of having ads on one’s channel means the risk of losing many viewers to competition in hope of few uncertain dollars.

Most businesses focus on promotions of their products through video contents and generating leads. They believe that this strategy helps the business in the long run rather than expecting much revenue from pay per click ads on their channel. But there are exceptions when it comes to ads also.  When any channels have a huge subscriber base and they have a great brand visibility on the YouTube channel, then ads revenue does count and should not be discounted. In fact, businesses should encourage ads on their channel once they have more than say 5000 subscribers.

Process for monetizing on YouTube

Once you have decided to go for monetization of your channel, then it is easy to activate the process.

·         Click on the channel tab in the creator’s studio and you will see the monetization box which you need to enable. There you will see certain terms conditions which you need to accept like

·         Accept the partners terms and conditions

·         Request access to AdSense

·         Setting monetization preference

·         Accept that you will receive money only after your channel has 10000 views.

Getting 10000 views is time consuming but one can start the process earlier and then concentrate on optimizing their contents on the channel and work on various strategies to grow your channel. For YouTube promotion of your contents is a specialized job and requires the help of video marketing experts. It is equally important to set the monetizing preference at the outset that will help the YouTube algorithms to work in that direction.


YouTube marketing is still not used by many businesses even today though the people’s digital presence has increased manifold over the last few years. With people now finding online transactions hassle free, be it shopping or banking transactions and now after Covid-19 experience, even education and tutorials have gone online in a big way.  The changing scenario makes YouTube a great platform for your content marketing strategy.  Having the right content on YouTube will help both in terms of content marketing in addition to social media marketing.