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How to Land a Java Job after Graduation 



It comes as no surprise that Java is one of the most popular and most successful programming languages in the world today.  High demand for Java developers is driven by the fact that Java plays an important role in software development no matter the size of the development company. Landing a java developer job can be a tedious process with different rounds being commonplace in the interview process. Typically the process includes an aptitude round, a group or one-to-one interview and a technical round. You would be asked theoretical questions and basic concepts that you applied in your studies. Communication skills is something that your entire career success depends on, this will be gauged.

Typical Interview Rounds for Java Developer Jobs

The Aptitude Round – The candidate is given a set of questions to ascertain aptitude and reasoning skills. Candidates who pass this round are cleared to the next round.

The Technical Round – This round questions candidates on the principles of Java. This could include a test assignment where candidates are asked to develop a small application or module of a larger application.

The Final Round – This round may include a debate with fellow candidates on Java principles. If you are selected in this round, you can be confident that you have the job.


In order to land a job quickly, you would need a well-written C.V that highlights your skills and educational qualifications as a fresher. Make some effort in presenting your information clearly and concisely. Proofread the document to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in grammar or punctuation. A professional CV greatly enhances your chances of landing a job. It is also important that you write a cover letter that stands out. Clearly mention your passion, objective and demonstrate that you are a committed and motivated individual.

Once you complete your CV and cover letter, start looking for jobs online and on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. A smart candidate always uses a combination of channels to get their application through. There are plenty of Java developer jobs out there, developers are in demand around the globe and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon.