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How to Keep Your Android Phone Fast



Whenever you buy a new Android device, you may experience running very fast and everything loads and works fast. With time it may disappoint you because Android devices go slow and hot with the passing time because of the load on the device. We’ve seen a very common question by Android users on web forums: how can we make our Android device faster than before? The very simple answer to this by releasing the load from the device, and today in this article, we are going to see how we can do that.

Removing Garbage From Device

The very first thing I would recommend you in budget devices is to keep all of the applications and data that you need and delete the rest of the garbage. This step is necessary because even if you don’t open that application still they are running in the background if they don’t, there are chances that some of their services are running in the background. This causes your mobile device to work slow, and you have to remove these applications to make it normal. Some apps have cache stored on your device, and you can make your device fast by clearing it.

Clean System Memory

Some applications help you in cleaning the system memory while making your device run faster than before. There might be some applications that might be taking some of the memory of your computer. Cleaning the system memory will help you in making your device to run like normal. This process is also known as killing, not using applications. In every Android device, you can do that; however, the process might be different depending upon the device and manufacturer. You can also do that with some third party applications like Clean Master which kills all of the not using tasks of the device.

Use Light Version

If you use social media applications like Facebook, etc., I recommend using the lite version of them. This will take less space and use less memory and processes, which helps make your device fast. Most of the applications on the play store have a light version of it even though some browsers got their light versions too, so check them out and install them after deleting the original one. Though one thing you need to know about the light releases is they lack some features that the full one is offering, so also check what they are missing.