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How to get GTA 5 Mobile for free? 

GTA 5 Mobile

GTA 5 Mobile

The Grand Theft Auto 5 displays quality gameplay mechanisms. It is similar to how it appears on PCs.

The GTA 5 features utterly new control buttons that would make the game easy and more uncomplicated to play. For the unofficial mobile version of GTA 5, you still get the realistic feels of racing the most advanced and improved cars. These almost real-like graphics make the game more exciting and fun.

Since Rockstar Games have not made GTA 5 portable to mobile devices, here, in this post, you will know how to get GTA 5 mobile free of cost. Although there are many ways to download it on your mobile devices through third-party systems, here, we will discuss the simple means of getting its APK mod.

In the latter part of this post, you will also get the download link for GTA V mobile. So, do go through the whole post sincerely.

GTA 5 Mobile Free Download

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games in the market. So, due to its high popularity and the increasing number of players, it has become essential for developers to find a way to get GTA 5 for mobile devices.

Other than the mobile version of GTA 5, the players can get on with the game on their PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series, and even PCs or desktops. But do you think every gamer has access to or afford this extensive gaming equipment? No, right! Still, the high demand has developed other methods to get the task done.

Even though all the Grand Theft Auto 5 players are aware that this is an unofficial method to get GTA 5 mobile, the number of downloads and link clicks is immensely high.

So, let’s dive into the process of getting a free download of GTA 5 for any mobile device.

Step 1- Click the download link attached here to get GTA 5 IPA file or GTA 5 APK.

Download Link:

When you click on this link above, you will be redirected to a source to download GTA 5 mobile for free. 

Step 2- Since you can access this download link only through your PC or Mac, you can later transfer the downloaded file to your mobile device, whether an iOS device or an Android phone.

Step 3- Now, install GTA 5 on your mobile device by running the downloaded APK.

If you want to install the APK of GTA 5 on your Android phone, you must first enable the installation from unknown sources. This option usually remains disabled for security reasons to prevent any malicious app from direct installation.

Step 4- You can find the enable installation from unknown sources option by going to the Settings of your phone. When you allow that option, you will get a notification for allowing the installation of GTA 5 Android APK. Here, you just have to click Yes.

Step 5-  This whole installation process of GTA 5 Android APK can take a few minutes considering your mobile device’s type and quality.

Step 6- Once the installation is complete, you can run the GTA 5 from the app drawer. Or, you can just click on the GTA 5 icon displayed on your Android phone.

Step 7- As you run the GTA 5 game, it will start downloading OBB files and other data. As soon as this data processing ends, the game will begin.

However, before you proceed with this procedure, make sure that your mobile device has more than 1 GB of RAM. Or else, it won’t run smoothly.