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How to Design Window Graphics for the Maximum Impact 

How to Design Window Graphics for the Maximum Impact 

How to Design Window Graphics for the Maximum Impact 

Retailers can raise their brand awareness and drive footfalls very productively and economically with window graphics. However, to get these benefits, you need to design window graphics right, keeping in mind various factors. Some useful tips:

Know Your Options

If you have not paid any special attention to window graphics, they may have looked the same to you; however, if you look closely, you will see several varieties like:

Window clings: These are graphics printed on thin films that use suction, not adhesive for sticking to the glass surface. Because of this, you can easily adjust them or move them according to your preference.

Clear and opaque stickers: Decals are printed usually on thicker vinyl sheets and can have the adhesive either on the back or the front depending on whether you want them to be fixed on the outside or the inside of the window glass. Depending on the design, the decals can be made opaque or transparent.

Perforated decals: These are vinyl stickers with a lot of perforations that allow you to see the outside from within the store, but those who are outside cannot see inside and instead see the graphics advertising your products, services, or brands.

Get the Size Right

The size of the window stickers must match the dimensions of the surface on which they will be fixed. You will need to check out the site and take accurate measurements so that it looks proportionate and also avoids things that can obstruct it. If you are fixing a window decal that will fill the frame, ensure the print size is slightly more so that you can trim it to achieve a perfect fit.

Choose the Colors with Care 

Even though window decals look good in most colors, you will want to not only use a color scheme that is aligned with the colors of your brand logo. You must also ensure that it is not low on brightness and contrast, so that it is easy to spot and read. If the store window is in shadow or has a glass with a dark tint, it is better to avoid dark colors and opt for lighter shades of yellow or white. However, if you are using the decals inside the store in a well-lit environment, you can use dark colors.

Make Readability Your Priority 

All your effort and investment will go to waste if the window decal is not able to communicate properly with potential customers. Accordingly, you need to ensure that the design is not overly complicated and the text is easy to read even from far. The design should consider the height at which the decal is going to be displayed and the lighting conditions. According to Forbes, it is important to get to the point quickly.


For your window graphics to be effective in raising brand awareness and driving footfalls, you need to follow generally accepted design principles like ensuring proper alignment of the various elements, following the hierarchy according to the importance of the contents, ensuring proper contrast and balance. Most importantly, you should avoid unnecessary complications and clutter.